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1036 TEXT 광주 동구, 전국 최초 ‘인권시범마을’ 조성 Gwangju Dong-gu to be Transformed into ‘Human Rights Town’ Gwangju’s Dong-gu district will construct a ‘Human Rights Town’ in the county for the first time in the nation starting … 10-20 4386
1035 TEXT 아시아문화전당에서 매년 남아시아문화관광축제 열린다 South Asia Cultural Tourism Festival to be Held in Asia Culture Complex Yearly An annual ‘Cultural Tourism’ festival introducing South Asian culture and promoting greate… 10-20 4713
1034 TEXT 전라남도지사, 중국 방문 앞두고 도내 유적지 방문 Jeollanamdo Governor Takes a Look around Local Major Tourist Attractions before Visiting China Governor of Jeollanamdo, Lee Nak-yeon, has recently made a visit to various heritage sit… 10-20 5002
1033 TEXT 여수석유화학단지 주변 주민지원 특별법 만든다 Special Residential Law for Yeosu Petro-chemical Complex to be Enacted Jeollanamdo will enact a special law aimed at supporting residents residing near the petrol-chemical complex near… 10-20 4756
1032 TEXT 나주 AI 확산, 오리 1만마리 살처분 Avian Influenza Spreads in Naju As signs that the highly pathogenic avian influenza is spreading in Naju, some 10,000 poultries were slaughtered over the past weekend. Livestock hygienic inspection aut… 10-20 4644
1031 TEXT 광주 전남 돌풍 동반한 강한 비 예상 Torrential Downpours Accompanied by Strong Gusts Forecast in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will receive torrential downpours of up to 100 millimeters throughout today with rain showe… 10-20 4714
1030 TEXT 담양 마을 숲 '관방제림' 정비 작업 Damyang's Forestry Area 'Gwangbang Jerim' to be Refurbished Damyang-gun district will reportedly refurbish its famous tourist attraction Gwangbang Jerim or Gwangbang Forest from … 10-17 5054
1029 TEXT 통합의학박람회 장흥에서 열린다 Integrative Medicine Exposition to be Held in Jangheung Hosted by Jeollanamdo and organized by Jangheung-gun district, the '2014 Korea Integrative Medicinal Exposition' will be held at Jangheung … 10-17 5842
1028 TEXT 전남 사회적 경제 기업 1천개 육성한다 Jeollanamdo to Grow 1,000 Social Enterprises Jeollanamdo will reportedly facilitate the creation of 1,000 social enterprises, creating 10,000 jobs in the province under the leadership of Jeollanamdo… 10-17 4655
1027 TEXT 송산유원지 안전보행로 설치된다 Pedestrian Walk Path for Safety to be Installed at Songsan Amusement Park Gwangsan-gu district Councilor Park Sam-yong has reportedly secured 1 billion won in national funding for the installation of a pe… 10-17 4822
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