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18805 TEXT 광주 광역시, 코로나 이후 관광 활성화 Gwangju City to revitalize tourism industry amid COVID19 Gwangju City stepped forward to help revitalize the local tourism industry amid the extendedCOVID19 pandemic. First of all, there were 200,0… 03-22 43
18804 TEXT 광주 광역시, 22-31일 외국인 종사자 전수검사 Gwangju City operating foreign employees' COVID 19 tests between Mar. 22nd and 31st Gwangju City revealed on Mar. 21st that there will be COVID19 enumeration tests conducted on foreign emp… 03-22 45
18803 TEXT 광주서 10일간 외국인 근로자 1만명 선제검사…1명 확진 Gwangju tests 10,000 foreign laborers within 10 days, 1 confirmed to be infected Gwangju City tested some 10,000 foreign laborers including those working at industrial complexes as… 03-22 40
18802 TEXT 광주 광역시, "항상 미얀마 국민과 함께 할 것" Gwangju City "Always together with Myanmar People" Gwangju City held a conference on Mar. 21st in the afternoon with laborers and international students from Myanmar residing within the city.… 03-22 63
18801 TEXT 광주광역시, 3.30부터 5.18 기록물 전국 순회 전시 Gwangju City to begin May 18th Archives National Tour Exhibition from Mar. 30th Gwangju City will officially begin the May 18th Archives NationalTour Exhibition from Mar. 30th. The fir… 03-22 59
18800 TEXT 외국인 코로나 검사 의무화..과잉방역 논란 Mandatory COVID-19 test for foreigners cause strong protest in Korea Local governments' administrative orders for all foreign workers to undergo COVID-19 testing have caused protests among fore… 03-19 68
18799 TEXT 광주서 일반 시민 백신접종 모의훈련…내달 1일부터 접종 Gwangju conducting trainingfor general citizens' vaccination The COVID 19 vaccine inoculation for general citizens is in 2 weeks, and the first training has been conducte… 03-19 49
18798 TEXT 나흘째 가동 중단 호원 노조,19~20일 대규모 집회 Howon(호원) Labor Union to hold massive assembly on Mar. 19th and 20th The Howon(호원) Labor Union will be holding a massive assembly between Mar. 19th and 20th. This is according to … 03-19 57
18797 TEXT 광주시, 올해84억원 투입해 인공지능 창업 지원 Gwangju City injecting 8.4 billion won for AI Start-Up Businesses Gwangju City and the Artificial Intelligence Industry Complex Project Team will inject 8.4 billion won this year to suppor… 03-19 62
18796 TEXT "외국인 노동자 코로나 검사 의무화 차별" 인권위 조사 "Mandated foreign laborers' COVID 19 tests are discrimination" The National Human Rights Commission of Korea expressed concerns regarding foreign laborers' mandated COVID… 03-19 63
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