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17066 TEXT 5·18재단, 활개치는 역사 왜곡 콘텐츠 뿌리 뽑는다 May 18th Foundation to root out violating content The May 18th Ceremonial Foundation is determined to root out all kinds of violating and distorting contents as well as fake news regardi… 07-14 92
17065 TEXT 광주 2차 확산 17일 만에 지역감염 확진자 '0명' Gwangju has '0' new infections after 17 days of 2nd wave There were no regional transmission cases of COVID 19 in Gwangju yesterday. This is 17 days since the 2nd wave … 07-14 96
17064 TEXT '최고 224㎜' 폭우로 광주·전남 농작물 침수 속출(종합2보) Maximum of 224mm of heavy rainfall causing flooding in Gwangju Jeonnam'sagricultural areas Continued heavy rain and wind within the Gwangju Jeonnam regions for 2 … 07-14 134
17063 TEXT 영암군, 코로나 확산 속'골프물의' 공무원 7명 직위해제(종합) YeongAhm(영암) County to remove7 public officers regarding 'golf-infection cases' amidst the COVID 19 spread Jeonnam YeongAm(영암) County removed 7 p… 07-14 96
17062 TEXT 전남 비 피해 주택 8채·논 357㏊ 침수 Jeonnam rainfall damage to 8 residential properties and 357 hectares of rice paddies With heavy rainfall recorded within the Jeonnam region, there were 8 residential properties and 357 hectares of rice p… 07-13 101
17061 TEXT 해외 입국자 음성→2주 후 검사 양성…"자가격리 관리 강화" Overseas entrant first tested negative then positive after 2 weeks There were consecutive cases in which a patient initially tested negative and then tested positive after so… 07-13 103
17060 TEXT 광주 확산 양상에 전파력 높고 증상 약한 'GH 그룹' 특성 반영 Gwangju's transmission status reflecting the typical 'GH group' virus characteristics Gwangju City is continuing its COVID 19 transmission within th… 07-13 104
17059 TEXT 광주 168번 확진자 접촉 소방관 29명 자가격리…소방당국 긴장 29 firefighters made contact with Gwangju's 168thpatient under self quarantine Gwangju City's 168th patient had visited 5 fire stations within Gwangju City and ma… 07-13 99
17058 TEXT 9천430원vs 8천500원…내년도 최저임금 최종 담판 시작 9,430 won VS 8,500 won, next year's minimum wage final discussion began The last 'tug-of-war' between the labor and management sides regarding next year's minimum w… 07-13 115
17057 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총13,479, 총62명 추가 수도권-광주 집단감염 계속 확산…광주 방문판매 확진 총 140명 Domestic COVID 19 infections total 13,479, increased by 62, infection transmission continues in capital ar… 07-13 91
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