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1631 TEXT 유니버시아드 조직위, U대회 남북단일팀 적극 추진중 Organizers for the Universiade Working on Creating South and North Joint Team Organizers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade announced that they are working on the creation of… 01-06 2627
1630 TEXT 아시아문화전당 특별법 위기, 지역 정치권 힘 합쳐야 Local Politicians Should Cooperate in Saving Endangered Special Act on the National Asian Culture Complex With the continuous postponement on the passing of the special law on the m… 01-06 2629
1629 TEXT 전남 사찰 3곳 벽화, 불상 보물 지정 된다 Paintings and Statue of Buddha in Jeollanamdo-located Temples to be Designated as the National Treasures Paintings and statues of the Buddha located in three temples in Jeollanamdo, Boseong Daew… 01-06 2537
1628 TEXT 휘발유값 계속 하락, 광주전남 1,400원대 주유소 등장 Oil Price Continues to Fall with Gas Stations Selling Oil below 1,500 won Continuously Appearing Upon the continuous fall in price of oil worldwide, the average price of domestic … 01-06 2487
1627 TEXT 광주 초미세먼지 주의보 Ultrafine Particles Warning Issued in Gwangju The city of Gwangju issued an ultrafine particle advisory across the city as the average concentration rate for ultrafine particles in Gwangju came in at 65 micrograms pe… 01-06 3186
1626 TEXT 광주시 비정규직 근로자 900여명 정규직 전환 Gwangju to Promote Temporary Workers to Regular Employees at City Hall The city of Gwangju has recently announced its plan to promote some 896 temporary workers at the city hall, who are … 01-06 2550
1625 TEXT 목포시 ‘해상 케이블카 설치’ 추진 Mokpo to Push Ahead Installation of Maritime Cable Car The city of Mokpo will reportedly install maritime cable cars at Yudalsan Mountain and Gohado, where there is historical heritage related to Kore… 01-06 2669
1624 TEXT 광주시 정부 평가 ‘우수기관’ Gwangju Evaluated as ‘Excellent Municipal Organization’ by the Government The city of Gwangju has reportedly received a special local subsidiary worth 200 million won from the national government. The… 01-05 2505
1623 TEXT 광주전남 겨울 산악사고 주의보 Alert for Winter Accidents in Mountainous Areas to be Issued in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo With the continuous increase in accidents occurring in mountainous regions in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo during this wint… 01-05 2525
1622 TEXT 광주 U대회, 가장 많은 선수단 온다 Largest Athletic Squad to Gather in Gwangju for the Universiade At above 13,000, the number of university athletes from more than 100 participating nations marked the largest figures in the history of t… 01-05 2632
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