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420 TEXT 세월호 진도군민 어려움, 생계복구 지원확대 촉구 Jindo Residents Suffering from Ferry Accident Ask for Help Composed of 58 regional civil groups in Jindo, the Jindo Residents Disaster Control Committee met with the Pan-governmental … 07-31 4705
419 TEXT 광주 U대회 – 아시아나 항공 후원 협약 Asiana Airlines to Sponsor 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade One of Korea’s major airlines, Asiana Airlines, will reportedly sponsor and provide free transportation for participating athletes from … 07-31 4971
418 TEXT 돌풍 동반 소나기, 내일부터 태풍 영향권 12th Typhoon NAKRI Takes Effect in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo As Gwangju and Jeollanamdo are expected to come under the influence of the season’s 12th typhoon, NAKRI, mostly overcast skies accompa… 07-31 5476
417 TEXT 헬기 추락 순직 소방관 동료 내일 광주 방문 Firefighters from Gangwon Headquarter to Visit Gwangju Colleagues of the late firefighters who died in the firefighting helicopter crash in Suwan district in Gwangju on July 17th will visit G… 07-31 4462
416 TEXT 새정치민주연합 권은희 광주광산 을 당선 Gwon Eun-hui from NPAD Wins Gwangju Gwangsan B The main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy party candidate Gwon Eun-hui was elected in the Gwangju Gwangsan B constituency yesterday… 07-31 4829
415 TEXT 7.30 재보궐 선거 순천-곡성 새누리당 이정현 후보 당선 Ruling Saenuri Candidate Lee Jung-hyun Wins in Suncheon – Gokseong A long-time aide to President Park Geun-hye and former chief press secretary at Cheongwade, Lee Jung-hyun, … 07-31 4511
414 TEXT 전남 조미김, 북미서 대박 Seasoned Laver Produced in Jeollanamdo Gains Popularity in North America Seasoned laver or salted seaweed grown and produced in Jeollanamdo continues to gain popularity among North American buyers with the export f… 07-30 4674
413 TEXT 윤장현 시장 ‘감사결과 인정, 재발방지책 마련’ Gwangju Mayor Promises to Prevent Faulty Administration Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyun has announced that he accepts the inspection result recently submitted by the integrative governme… 07-30 4466
412 TEXT ‘착한운전 마일리지’ 광주 서약률 전국 1위 Gwangju Marks the Highest Participation Rate for ‘Good Driver Mileage’ The first day of August will celebrate one year anniversary since the first adoption of ‘Good Driver Mileage… 07-30 4590
411 TEXT 지역 국회의원 ‘호남 고속철 송정-목포 신선건설’ Regional Lawmakers Urge New Route for ‘Honam Expressway Songjeong-Mokpo Line’ 14 regional lawmakers have reportedly stated that the Honam Express Railway currently under const… 07-30 4824
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