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462 TEXT 광주 군공항 이전 시민 공청회 열린다 Public Hearing for Relocation of Gwangju Military Airport to be Held A public hearing for discussing issues regarding the relocation of the Gwangju Military Airport will be held from September 2nd a… 08-06 4029
461 TEXT 장성 축령산에서 산소축제 16일-17일 Oxygen Festival to be Held from August 16th for Two days in Jangseong An ‘Oxygen Festival’ will be held from August 16th for two days at Mt. Chukryeong in Jangseong, where Korea’s largest phytocid… 08-06 4137
460 TEXT 강진 청자축제 매출, 방문객 역대 최고 기록 Record High Sales Revenues and Visitors at Gangjin Celadon Festival Despite the day early closing of the festival due to the approach of typhoon NAKRI, this year’s Gangjin Celadon Festival … 08-06 4325
459 TEXT 태풍, 홍수등 자연재해에 정부 복구비 지원 Government to Provide Aid for Restoration of Areas Damaged from Typhoon and Floods The national government will provide aid to cover damage caused by natural disasters, such as typhoons and f… 08-06 4085
458 TEXT 광주비엔날레 개막 한 달 앞으로 30 Days Until the Grand Opening of Gwangju Biennale Scheduled to take place from September 5th to November 9th with the theme, ‘Burning Down the House’, the grand opening of the Gwangju Biennale is just… 08-06 4137
457 TEXT 대인 야시장 오는 8-9일 Daein Night Art Market from August 8th to the 9th Daein Night Art Market will be held from August 8th for two days at Daein Market in Gwangju. As a cultural and artistic hub of local artists and merchants, Daein Mark… 08-05 4490
456 TEXT 故홍남순 변호사 사택 사적지 되나 Late Lawyer Hong Nam-soon’s House May Become Heritage in Gwangju A house used by the late human rights lawyer, Hong Nam-soon (고남순), who defended the democratic activists and political prisoners … 08-05 4464
455 TEXT 전통문화관 하반기 수강생 모집 Traditional Culture Center Gwangju Recruits Class Takers Gwangju Traditional Culture Center is looking for people to participate in a ‘Traditional Culture and Art Lesson’ from today to August 22nd. The … 08-05 4231
454 TEXT 광주시교육청, 8-10일 청소년 모의 인권이사회 Gwangju Office of Education to Host ‘Mock Human Rights Council’ for Adolescents Gwangju Office of Education will host a ‘Mock Human Rights Council’ among local adolescents from Aug… 08-05 4167
453 TEXT 세월호 – 태풍, 전남 관광지 ‘잔인한 여름’ ‘Brutal Summer’ Continues in Jeollanamdo Tourist attractions in Jeollanamdo often represented by island regions along the southern coastal areas continue to see a downward trend in the… 08-05 4204
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