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282 TEXT 7.30 재보선 경쟁률 광주 5대 1, 전남 3대 1 Competition Rate for 7.30 By-Elections in Gwangju at 5 to 1 and 3 to 1 in Jeollanamdo A total of 15 candidates are registered for the July 30th By-elections in four different districts in Gwangju … 07-14 5456
281 TEXT 그라시아스 합창단 광주 콘서트 Gracias Choir Coming To Gwangju for Concert Gracias Choir will showcase its choir performance in Gwangju at the Kimdaejung Convention Center from 7:20 p.m. today. Having won the grand prize at the 2014 Rib… 07-14 5662
280 TEXT 주중 장맛비, 주말부터 본격 더위 Monsoon Rain Begins Tomorrow with Scorching Heat Expected on the Weekend Torrential downpours are in store for Gwangju and Jeollanamdo from tomorrow for three days, with a scorching weekend expected acros… 07-14 5882
279 TEXT 전남도, 무안-함평 양파 1만 2,000톤 수출 Onions Grown in Muan and Hampyeong to be Exported Because of growing fears over the excessive amount of onions being harvested in Jeollanamdo, especially in the Muan and Hampyeong region, despite a… 07-14 4797
278 TEXT 광주서 국제규모 광산업 전시회 열린다 International Lighting Industry Exhibition to be Held in Gwangju The International Photonics Exhibition will be held in Gwangju from October 6th to the 8th at the Kimdaejung Convention center. J… 07-11 5265
277 TEXT 박주선 의원, 아시아문화중심도시 사업 적극 추진 Rep. Park Ju-seon Requests Ministerial Help in Making Progress for Asia Culture Complex The New Politics Alliance for Democracy lawmaker representing Dong-gu in Gwangju, Rep. Park Ju-… 07-11 5052
276 TEXT 광주 고려인 지원센터 설립 모금시작 Donation for Construction of Gwangju Goryo Support Center Begins An integrative support center for Goryo-in, or Korean Russian diaspora residing in a residential complex in Gwangju, will seek donatio… 07-11 5351
275 TEXT 전남 해수욕장 잇따라 개장 Beaches in Jeollanamdo Open for the Summer Season Renowned for their superb scenic views and high water quality, beaches in Jeollanamdo will open starting this weekend for the summer season. A total of 66 beach… 07-11 5037
274 TEXT 세월호 실종자, 수색 엿새만에 재개 Search for Missing Passengers Resumed After 6 Days Search for the 11 passengers still missing from the April 16th ferry accident previously halted amidst bad weather due to typhoon NEOGURI has been resu… 07-11 5356
273 TEXT 지역작가들 세계무대에서 ‘광주 미술’ 알린다 Local Artists to Promote ‘Gwangju Art’ on International Stages A number of Gwangju-based artists reportedly made their way into the overseas art industry, introducing and promoting … 07-11 5088
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