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1622 TEXT 광주 U대회, 가장 많은 선수단 온다 Largest Athletic Squad to Gather in Gwangju for the Universiade At above 13,000, the number of university athletes from more than 100 participating nations marked the largest figures in the history of t… 01-05 3639
1621 TEXT 광주 FC 남기일 감독 정식 부임 Gwangju FC Head Coach Nam Gi-il to be Officially Appointed Today Previously serving as caretaker manager of the Gwangju FC, Nam Gi-il will be appointed as the official head coach of Gwangju’s professional s… 01-05 3462
1620 TEXT 광주전남 혁신도시 ‘빛가람 건강센터’ 오늘 개소한다 ‘Bitgaram Health Center’ Opens its Door to the Public in Bitgaram City The ‘Bitgaram Health Center’ opened its doors to the public today in the Gwangju and Jeonam Joi… 01-05 3564
1619 TEXT 광주시, 시민감사관 위촉한다 Gwangju to Appoint Citizen Auditor The city of Gwangju will appoint citizen auditors in different departments in city hall to raise the transparency and reliability in the administration of the city from this … 01-05 3624
1618 TEXT 광주시 – 전남도 시무식 열려 Kick-off Meeting for the New Year Took Place in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Mayor of Gwangju, Yoon Jang-hyeon, and Jeollanamdo governor, Lee Nak-yeon, each held kick-off meeting for the New Year last week on Frid… 01-05 3514
1617 TEXT 광주전남 지역 식당, 관광지 북적 – 지역 경제 활력 솟는다 Restaurants and Tourist Attractions in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Become Crowded Upon the scheduled opening of the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade and the Asian Culture Co… 01-05 3575
1616 TEXT 당분간 포근한 날씨 지속 Warm and Mild Weather to be Continued this Week Relatively warm and mild conditions accompanied by winter rain showers are in forecast across Gwangju and Jeollanamdo this week. According to Gwangju Regional Meteor… 01-05 3532
1615 TEXT U대회 도시철도 2호선 감시 강화된다 Civil Groups to Keep an Eye on Construction of Gwangju Subway Route no.2 Civil groups in Gwangju will reportedly focus on supervising construction of Gwangju Subway route no.2 for the new year along … 01-05 3668
1614 TEXT 담뱃값 인상, 광주지역 금연 클리닉 북적 Bustling Gwangju-located Smoking Clinics since Price Hike in Cigarette Prices The number of visitors to Gwangju-located smoking clinics has increased drastically due to a price hike of a pack of ci… 01-05 3623
1613 TEXT 담양 죽녹원 관객 150만명 돌파 Visitor to Juknokwon in Damyang Surpasses 1.5 Million Mark A green light is on for the successful hosting of the 2015 World Bamboo Fair in Damyang as the total number of visitors to Damyang Juknokwon or bamboo… 01-02 3640
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