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17317 TEXT 전국 연안 '육지 쓰레기'로 몸살…해수부, 내주 집중 수거 Coastal areas with accumulating 'inland trash' The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries revealed on Aug. 14th that Aug 18th to 23rd will be set as the Concentr… 08-17 140
17316 TEXT 코로나19로 광주 북구에 진 빚, 수해 때 갚은 대구 달서구 COVID19 debt paid by Daegu(대구) during the flood Daegu(대구) City, which received support and help from Gwangju during the severe period of COVID 19 transmission, supported… 08-17 105
17315 TEXT 광주시, 추모관 유골 침수 원인 규명…합동조사단 구성 Gwangju City to form Joint Investigation Team to discover the cause of flooded remains at Remembrance Halls Gwangju City revealed on Aug. 14th that there will be a Joint Investiga… 08-17 98
17314 TEXT 광주 지역 확진자 닷새 만에 11명, 불안증가 Gwangju region's infection cases increased by 11 within just 5 days Gwangju City's COVID 19 infection cases increased by 11 within just 5 days to raise concerns. What's adding to c… 08-17 108
17313 TEXT 전국 동네의원 1만곳 문 닫았다 Doctors launched nationwide strike, some 10,000 small clinics reported closure Doctors launched a one-day strike across South Korea today in protest of the government's medical reform plan with some 10,000… 08-17 100
17312 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총14,873, 총 103명 추가, 수도권 대규모 집단유행 이어질수 있는 상황 Domestic COVID 19 infections total 14,873, increased by 103, local virus cases at over 4-month high, strict social distancing under review … 08-17 98
17311 TEXT "최악 물난리에 성한 농작물이 없다"…병해충 주의보 No good agricultural products after worst rainfall With the worst rainfall that was recorded this year, all agriculturalproducts across Jeonnam region as well as across the country a… 08-17 102
17310 TEXT '양성→음성' 판정보류자, 확진자로 등록…보건·의료계 이견 Another infection case which was delayed for diagnosis There was another infection case found within Gwangju City of a male that tested positive in the first test… 08-17 88
17309 TEXT 광주 유흥시설 관련 확진자 하루 7명 추가…12일 이후 14명 Gwangju with 14 additional cases since Aug. 12th There were 7 additional patients infected with COVID 19 virus within the last 2 days, related to 'nightlife facilities�… 08-17 93
17308 TEXT 광주시 682개 유흥주점·클럽 열흘간 집합금지·시설폐쇄 Gwangju City to close and prohibit gathering at 682 nightlife facilities The disinfection authorities within Gwangju City issued an administrative order to prohibit gathering at… 08-17 93
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