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20552 TEXT 전남도, 무안 항공정비산업 투자유치 설명회 Jeonnam Province holds Muan(무안) Aviation Maintenance Industry Investment Attraction Presentation Jeonnam Province revealed on the 29th that a 'Ontact Investment Presentation' was h… 11-30 229
20551 TEXT 외국인 사업장·교육기관발 감염' 광주·전남 66명 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 66 patients from transmission at foreigner hiring businesses and education institutions The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 66 new patients yesterday as of… 11-30 181
20550 TEXT 제14회 광주비엔날레 2023년 4∼7월 개최 The 14th Gwangju Biennale to be held Apr. to July in 2023 The 14th Gwangju Biennale will be held between Apr. 7th and July 9th in 2023 for 94 days. According to Gwangju Biennale on the 29th, they sa… 11-29 188
20549 TEXT 광주혁신추진위 출범 3년 맞아 지역 미래혁신안 발표 Gwangju innovative Promotion Committee launched 3 years ago, local Future Innovative Plans presented The Gwangju Innovative Promotion Committee, which is directly under the City May… 11-29 158
20548 TEXT 전남도, 고병원성 조류독감 위험주의보 발령 Jeonnam Province issues Risk Warning for High Pathogenic AI Jeonnam Province issued a Risk Warning Period between Nov. 29th and Dec. 26th for highly pathogenic Avian Influenza or AI within the … 11-29 158
20547 TEXT '머나 먼 일상회복' 광주 10대↓·전남 60대↑ 코로나 급증 'Daily Recovery seeming far', Gwangju under 10 years old, Jeonnam over 60 years old with spiking COVID19 patients With the Daily Recovery in Steps or ‘Livin… 11-29 191
20546 TEXT 1주일간 광주 17개 어린이집·학교서 44명 확진·943명 격리 Gwangju with 44 patients from 17 Child Care Centers and Schools, 943 under Quarantine in 1 week Gwangju City is continuing with sporadic transmission centering on schools and c… 11-29 192
20545 TEXT 광주,재활용단지로탄소중립앞당긴다 Gwangju to proceed with Carbon Neutrality with Recycling Complexes Gwangju City previously announced in July that the Carbon Neutral Energy Independent City will be realized by 2045, which is 5 year… 11-29 190
20544 TEXT 광주·전남서일요일89명확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 89 patients found on Sunday The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 89 new patients on Sunday alone. According to the health authorities on the 29th, there were 61 new patients found in Gwan… 11-29 153
20543 TEXT 학교·노인시설 집단감염 지속'광주53명·전남21명(종합) Gwangju with 53 patients, Jeonnam 21 patients with cluster transmission originating from schools and nursing facilities The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are continuing with COV… 11-29 198
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