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16244 TEXT 총선 후보등록 오늘 마감, '코로나 블랙홀' 속 여야 선거전 General Election candidate registration completed on Mar. 27th, election amid COVID19 Marking the final day of candidate registration for the 21st Members of Parliame… 03-27 12
16243 TEXT "신천지 대구교회 다녀왔다" 주장 후 도주 소동 20대 기소 Male in his 20s who created a scene asserting to have attended Shincheonji Daegu(대구) Church indicted A male in his 20s who asserted he had visited Shincheonji Daegu(대구… 03-27 18
16242 TEXT 광주 소상공인 상수도 요금 3개월간 50% 감면 Gwangju small business owner exemption for 50% of the water supply fee for 3 months Half of the water supply fees will be exempted for 3 months for small business owners within Gwangju. This … 03-27 11
16241 TEXT 광주 제조업체 10곳 중 7곳 이상, 코로나19 피해 호소 7 out of 10 manufacturing companies within Gwangju make claims for COVID19 damages A survey shows 7 out of 10 manufacturing companies within Gwangju are experiencing difficulties due t… 03-27 11
16240 TEXT '4월6일 개학' 여부 30∼31일 발표, 못 열면 원격수업 'Apr. 6th School Opening' results released on Mar. 30th-31st,distance-classesif postponed, The government will decide on the 'Apr. 6th School Opening' for … 03-27 15
16239 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총9,332명,91명 추가 Domestic COVID 19 infected total 9,332, increased by 91 The increase of domestic COVID19 infections is back to double digits, increasing by 91 for Mar. 26th to total 9,332 in Korea. However, the mo… 03-27 11
16238 TEXT 광주, 확진자 50% '해외발 감염' 추정…입국자 관리강화 Gwangju to strengthen quarantine measures on overseas arrivals It has been verified that 50% of Gwangju's infected patients of COVID19 are from abroad. Therefore, ther… 03-27 10
16237 TEXT 광주,확진자50% '해외발 감염'추정…입국자 관리강화 50% of Gwangju infected cases from overseas influx,reinforced management ckr entrants Half of Gwangju's infected were discovered to be from overseas influx. It was co… 03-27 15
16236 TEXT '광주형 일자리'글로벌모터스 주주들,노동계 요구에 반발 ‘Gwangju Type Jobs’ Global Motors’ shareholders oppose Labor’s requests Gwangju Global Motors’ shareholders expressed strong opposition to the Labor’s reques… 03-27 13
16235 TEXT 총선후보 등록 첫날 경쟁률 광주4.1대1,전남3.4대1,광주33명,전남34명 접수 General Election candidates’ registration first day, Gwangju 33, Jeonnam 34 signed in Marking the first day of Apr. 15thGeneral Election candidates registra… 03-27 13
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