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15573 TEXT '광주5·18민주광장서31일'송신년 시민축제 Gwangju to welcome in 2020 with ringing of Democracy Bell Tonight, as usual, thousands of people are expected to gather at 5.18 Democracy Square, a historic pavilion in Donggu, to celebrate… 12-31 60
15572 TEXT 공수처 후폭풍에 꽁꽁 언 정국…"개혁입법 완수" vs "전력투쟁" Parliament passes corruption probe unit bill The National Assembly passed a bill on establishing a separate unit to probe corruption by high-ranking public officials on Mo… 12-31 64
15571 TEXT 검찰,조국 前장관 불구속기소…뇌물수수 등 혐의 Cho Kuk indicted on family-related charges. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors indicted the former Justice Minister Cho Kuk (조국) on Tuesday on multiple charges regarding suspicions … 12-31 57
15570 TEXT 광주 민주의 종각서31일 송신년 시민축제 End of year Civil Festival to be held at the Gwangju Democracy Bell The City of Gwangju announced on Sunday it would hold an end of year Civil Festival at the May 18thDemocratic Square on the last … 12-30 78
15569 TEXT 무등산 새해 일출7시41분…입산은4시부터 허용 Mt. Mudeung will be opened for tourists on New Year’s Mudeungsan National Park Office announced on Monday it would allow new year’s tourists to enter the mountain on January 1stat 4 o’c… 12-30 114
15568 TEXT '강제징용 문희상案'광주 국회의원5명'반대' 5 representatives oppose the Moon Hee Sang Bill 5 out of 8 Gwangju regional representatives revealed their dissenting opinion against the ‘1+1+alpha’ or Moon Hee Sang (… 12-30 68
15567 TEXT "신원미상 유골 매장 경위 밝혀달라" 5·18단체,수사 의뢰 May 18thFoundation request investigation on Gwangju prison remains. The May 18thMemorial Foundation and 3 related May Groups; the Bereaved Family Association, the Constraints’… 12-30 66
15566 TEXT 이용섭 광주시장"내년은 뭐니뭐니해도AI…연초 추진전략 발표" Gwangju announces its vision for 2020 The Gwangju Mayor announced the major plans and goals for 2020 on Sunday. The official emphasized the importance of AI Hub City as… 12-30 67
15565 TEXT 공무원 보수 내년2.8%인상…병장 월급은54만900원으로 Public Officer’s Compensation will increase as well as Korean Military Sergeants The Korean Government confirmed and announced 2020’s policies for public officers and military ser… 12-30 63
15564 TEXT 새해 최저임금8천590원…만7세 미만 모두에 아동수당 South Korea confirms 2020 minimum wage at W8,590 The Ministry of Employment and Labor legally set the figure of the minimum wage for 2020, sticking with the recommendation of the Mini… 12-30 63
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