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17587 TEXT 광주FC의 파이널A 진출, 그 극적이었던 타임라인 Gwangju FC proceeding to Final A Gwangju Football Club had proceeded to the 'Final A'. This was immediately after the K-League 1 Sept. 20th match against SeongNam(성남) FC t… 09-21 78
17586 TEXT 故 조비오 신부 선종 4주기 추모식…"전두환 측 궤변 그만하라"(종합) Cho BiOh(조비오) Priest's 4th Anniversary Ceremony held The 4th Anniversary Ceremony was held for the deceased priest Cho BiOh(조비오) who testified o… 09-21 79
17585 TEXT 환경단체 "관공서·초등학교서 석면 검출…원인은 건설자재" Environment Organization "public institutions and elementary schools with 'asbestos' found, cause studied to be construction materials" There were suggestions tha… 09-21 71
17584 TEXT 광주·전남 지역, 수능 지원자 "작년보다10% 이상 감소" · Gwangju Jeonnam region CSAT applicants decrease by more than 10% compared to last year The College Scholastic Ability Test application window has closed to show more th… 09-21 71
17583 TEXT 광주시, 4일간 지역 신규 확진자 '0'에도 "아직 안심 일러" Gwangju with 0 regional transmission for 4 straight days, "not to be relieved yet" Gwangju is showing a clear calming trend in regards to its regional transmission of t… 09-21 69
17582 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 23,045, 총 70명 추가,2일째100명 이하 확진자, "추석 대규모 이동 전국 감염확산 분명한 원인 될것" COVID 19 daily infections add 70 to total 23,045, new cases under 100 for 2nd day, yet "Chuseok(… 09-21 73
17581 TEXT 광주 거리두기2단계1주일 연장… Gwangju extends lvl. 2 social distancing by another week The City of Gwangju decided to extend current social distancing measures by another week. Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-sup said in a briefing yesterday that … 09-21 80
17580 TEXT 광주 유흥주점·노래연습장 등 고위험 4천827곳 한달만에 문열어 Gwangju nightlife facilities, singing halls, and 4,827 other high-risk facilities opened There were no regional transmission cases found within Gwangju and Jeonnam regi… 09-21 83
17579 TEXT 광주시, 추석 전 17만명에게 10만원씩 교육재난지원금 지급 Gwangju City to provide 100,000 won to 170,000 students before the Chuseok(추석) holidays Gwangju City revealed on Sept. 20th that there will be some 170,000 students from mi… 09-21 175
17578 TEXT 5·18 40주년 기념 창작 뮤지컬 '광주' 10월 9일 막 오른다 May 18th 40th Anniversary commemorative creative musical 'Gwangju' to open on Oct. 9th A creative musical to deal with the May 18th Democratization Movement 40 … 09-21 103
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