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15500 TEXT '황인범 결승골'한국,일본 꺾고E-1챔피언십3연패'쾌거' S. Korea beat Japan to win the East Asian football title The South Korean National Football Team lifted its third straight title on Wednesday at the East Asian F… 12-19 66
15499 TEXT 장성호 수변길 두 번째 출렁다리,내년4월 완성 Second suspension bridge to be constructed at Jangsung Lake The 2nd Yellow Suspension Bridge at Jangsung (장성) Lake is expected to finish construction by spring next year according to the … 12-19 77
15498 TEXT 광주시,배드민턴·양궁 국제대회 국비3억1000만원 확보 Gwangju to host international badminton and archery competitions in 2020. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) selected Gwangju City as the 2020 stage for internationa… 12-19 80
15497 TEXT '광주형 일자리'시민자문위 구성…협의 소통체계 정비 Gwangju City to form the Civilian Advisory Committee for the Gwangju Type Job project The City of Gwangju announced on Thursday it will form the Civilian Advisory Committ… 12-19 74
15496 TEXT 경전선 광주-순천 철도 전철화 확정..목포 부산2시간대 단축 New train line construction project to reduce travel time between Gwangju and Busan Travelers from Gwangju will likely be able to take a trip to Busan in around 2 hours fro… 12-19 81
15495 TEXT 文대통령,시진핑과23일 베이징서 회담…한반도 정세 논의 S. Korea and Chinese leaders to meet in Beijing regarding North Korea. According to a government official on Thursday, South Korean President Moon Jae In (문재인) will hold … 12-19 73
15494 TEXT 정부"내년 경제2.4%성장…수출·투자 반등하고 고용률 개선" South Korea expects slightly increased growth in economy next year The South Korean Government expects next year’s economic growth to be 2.4 percent. The officials presume… 12-19 72
15493 TEXT 광주시, 5·18사적지 적십자병원 매입 추진…가격이 변수 Gwangju City decides to buy the old Red Cross hospital building. The City of Gwangju announced its purchase of the former old Red Cross hospital, which is known as the 11thhistori… 12-19 73
15492 TEXT 경전선 광주-순천 철도 전철화 확정…예타 재조사 통과 Gyeong-Jeon train line passes feasibility test. The Gyeong-Jeon (경전) train line, Jeollanamdo Province’s Social Overhead Capital (SOC) business and the only railway to Busan… 12-19 65
15491 TEXT 'AI산업 본산'광주 첨단지구 그린벨트 해제19일 판가름 Gwangju holds meeting to conclude the Cheomdan District development project The City of Gwangju and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s (MOLIT) City Pl… 12-19 65
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