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15493 TEXT 광주시, 5·18사적지 적십자병원 매입 추진…가격이 변수 Gwangju City decides to buy the old Red Cross hospital building. The City of Gwangju announced its purchase of the former old Red Cross hospital, which is known as the 11thhistori… 12-19 73
15492 TEXT 경전선 광주-순천 철도 전철화 확정…예타 재조사 통과 Gyeong-Jeon train line passes feasibility test. The Gyeong-Jeon (경전) train line, Jeollanamdo Province’s Social Overhead Capital (SOC) business and the only railway to Busan… 12-19 67
15491 TEXT 'AI산업 본산'광주 첨단지구 그린벨트 해제19일 판가름 Gwangju holds meeting to conclude the Cheomdan District development project The City of Gwangju and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s (MOLIT) City Pl… 12-19 65
15490 TEXT 내년 광주 스마트공장200여개 구축…예산65%증가 Gwangju to establish some 200 Smart Factories next year As the budget for the Smart Factory project increased, the City of Gwangju plans to establish 200 more factories bynext year. The… 12-19 70
15489 TEXT 1부 승격 지휘한 박진섭 광주FC감독'2년 재계약' Head Coach of Gwangju FC extends contract. Gwangju FC’s Head Coach Park Jin Sup (박진섭) extended his contract with the team for two more years on Wednesday. At last, the team… 12-18 85
15488 TEXT 김광현,세인트루이스와 계약…2년 최대1100만달러 SK Wyverns’ Kim Kwang Hyun signs with the St. Louis Cardinals. The Korean Republic National Baseball Team Ace pitcher Kim Kwang Hyun (김광현) fulfilled a Major League dream as he si… 12-18 65
15487 TEXT 4세대 원형 방사광가속기 유치 경쟁 치열 Cities and provinces eager to be selected as the 4thgeneration synchrotron radiation construction site The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) started to look for the construction site of its 4thGene… 12-18 59
15486 TEXT 무안 해제-영광 염산 국도개통…통행 시간65분 단축 The national highway between Muan and Yeonggwang opens to the public. The National Highway No. 77 is now open to traffic as the final construction finished. The road connects between … 12-18 62
15485 TEXT '광주형 일자리'자동차 공장 신축 업체 현대엔지니어링 Hyundai Engineering proceeds with the construction for the Gwangju Type Job’s vehicle factory Hyundai Engineering Construction Company was selected as the preferentia… 12-18 60
15484 TEXT 광주시,에너지,자동차 등14개 기업과810억원 투자협약…일자리 기대감 Gwangju signs investment contracts with 14 companies The City of Gwangju signed nationwide investment agreements recently and with it, the City took another ste… 12-18 61
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