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17537 TEXT 광주시, 부동산 불법 거래 무더기 적발…3건 수사 의뢰 Gwangju City found multiple illegal trading cases involving real estate Gwangju City revealed on Sept. 14th that there were 44 cases of real-es… 09-14 111
17536 TEXT 광주시, 예술·관광 전문인력 350명 양성 Gwangju City to nurture 350 professional personnel in arts and tourism fields Gwangju City revealed on Sept. 14th that there will be some 350 professional personnel nurtured to promote Arts and Touris… 09-14 106
17535 TEXT 광주본부세관, 추석 수출입업체 특별 통관 지원 Gwangju Main Customs offering special support for Chuseok(추석) season Gwangju Main Customs revealed that a Special Customs Clearance Team will be formed and operate for 3 weeks from Sept… 09-14 99
17534 TEXT 전남도, 수해 주민 추석 전 입주총력 지원 Jeonnam Province mobilizing full efforts for flood-damaged residents before Chuseok(추석) Jeonnam province revealed on Sept. 14th that there are multiple measures of support provided for those wi… 09-14 99
17533 TEXT 광주시, 추석 특별방역·생활 안정 대책 추진…"연휴는 집에서" Gwangju City to promote Special Disinfection and Living Stability Countermeasures for Chuseok(추석) Gwangju City decided to promote disinfection and living stability co… 09-14 127
17532 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총22,285, 총 109명 추가, 1,440명 코로나 항체 조사 중 서울서 1명 검출 Domestic COVID 19 infections total 22,285, increased by 109,Tests on 1,440 people find only 1 has coronavirus antibodies The number of dai… 09-14 97
17531 TEXT 광주 거리두기2단계로 완화 Gwangju eases social distancing measure The city of Gwangju eased its social distancing measures as the number of recent daily infections is considered a manageable level, and the alleviation is expected to help eas… 09-14 104
17530 TEXT 광주 일선 학교 원격수업 방식 제각각…학력 격차 우려 Gwangju schools' distance classes all different With the ongoing COVID 19 situation, there are various types of distance classes at schools within Gwangju city. This is creat… 09-14 107
17529 TEXT 광주 '준 3단계' 사회적 거리 두기 2단계로 완화 Gwangju to alleviate current '3rd level equivalent' measures to 2nd level Gwangju City decided to alleviate the '3rd level' equivalent Social Distancing measu… 09-14 107
17528 TEXT 광주 코로나19 확산세 주춤…'준 3단계' 거리두기 하향 검토 Gwangju considering alleviating current Social distancing measures. Gwangju City is considering alleviating the current Social Distancing measures. This is … 09-14 110
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