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15473 TEXT 광주문화재단18일 프린지페스티벌 토론회 Gwangju Cultural Foundation to hold Fringe Festival debate session. The Gwangju Cultural Foundation will hold the 2019 Fringe Festival debate session tomorrow at the Bitgoeul (빛고을) Civic Cul… 12-17 79
15472 TEXT 일자리위원회-14개 시·도,광주서 상생형 지역 일자리 협약 The Presidential Committee on Jobs, Cities and Provinces concludes agreement for mutual growth. The City of Gwangju and the Presidential Committee on Jobs held an occupation w… 12-17 146
15471 TEXT 광주 어등산 관광단지 조성, 14년 만에 본궤도 Gwangju finalizes the agreement with the Mt. Eodeung contractor. The Eodeung Mountain development project is finally on track after 14 years of delays as the City of Gwangju and the project… 12-17 78
15470 TEXT 목포해상케이블카,여수예술랜드리조트 첫 해맞이 이벤트 Mokpo Cable Car and Yeosu Art Resort to hold the year’s first sunrise events. As the new year approaches, cities and counties in Jeollanamdo are preparing events to attract t… 12-16 127
15469 TEXT 광주·전남 다문화 가구4%증가…중국·베트남 가장 많아 Number of multicultural families increased in Gwangju and Jeonnam Honam Regional Statistical Office revealed on Monday that the number of multicultural families in the City of Gw… 12-16 165
15468 TEXT '5대 선거범죄 무관용'광주·전남경찰청 총선체제 가동 Gwangju and Jeonnam to undergo the operation of the election crime restriction system As the 21stGeneral Election nears, the City of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo Province’s … 12-16 75
15467 TEXT 광주 시내버스에'점핑'·'3도어'등 출퇴근 전용 버스 도입 Gwangju proceeding to improve bus system. The City of Gwangju held the quasi-public system innovation council at the City Hall and approved the new bus opera… 12-16 85
15466 TEXT 오늘 전두환 재판, 12·12오찬 비난 속 재판 출석요구 빗발 Libel trial against Chun Doo-hwan held... Chun faces growing calls to attend hearings Former Dictator Chun Doo Hwan again refused to attend a court hearing for his criminal trial… 12-16 82
15465 TEXT 文의장-여야3당 회동 무산…오늘 본회의 개의 어려워져 3-way political party meeting falls through A plenary session was expected to be held at the National Assembly on Monday hosted by the Chairman of the Congress Moon Hee Sang (문… 12-16 87
15464 TEXT 비건,北에 회동 공개제안…"여기 와있고 北은 접촉방법 알 것" Biegun offers negotiation talks to North Korea The United States’ Special Representative to North Korea Stephen Biegun suggested a meeting to his counterpart on Monday … 12-16 76
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