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1833 TEXT 목포시 ‘야경 시티투어’ 7월부터 ‘Nighttime City Tour’ to Begin in March in Mokpo The city of Mokpo will run a nighttime city tour program from July this year. Touring around famous tourist attractions in Mokpo at Mokpo Peace Squ… 02-02 2394
1832 TEXT 여수-순천-광양시 올 해 첫 실무협의회 가졌다 Yeosu – Suncheon – Gwangyang to Seek Solutions for Joint Development of the Three Cities Regional municipalities representing Yeosu, Suncheon and Gwangyang held the first round of mee… 01-30 2463
1831 TEXT 신안서도 여권 발급 가능해진다 Shinan-gun District Can Issue Passports from Feb. 2nd Following the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shinan-gun district will now offer passport issuance services from February 2nd at its regiona… 01-30 2576
1830 TEXT 광주, KTX 개통 대비 종합대책 마련 Gwangju to Prepare Integrative Countermeasures for Honam KTX Prior to the opening of the much-anticipated Honam KTX, the city of Gwangju has reportedly prepared integrative measures for transportation, cul… 01-30 2500
1829 TEXT 국토부 차관 광주시 방문, 호남 KTX 해결 방법 찾나 Deputy Minister from the Transport Ministry Visits Gwangju to Solve Issues Regarding Honam KTX In the midst of the public uproar and strong opposition from residents in the Honam re… 01-30 2488
1828 TEXT 나주 박물관, 알찬 볼거리로 관광객 끌어모은다 Naju National Museum Welcomes Visitors to its Useful and Educational Exhibition Naju National Museum, in operation since November 2013, has welcomed a surge of visitors to its exhibitio… 01-30 2402
1827 TEXT 광주 고교생 미얀마 – 라오스로 해외 봉사간다 High School Students in Gwangju to Volunteer in Myanmar and Laos A group of 55 high school students will be participating in overseas volunteer work in Myanmar and Laos from January 28t… 01-30 2512
1826 TEXT 강진에 한옥 체험관 설립된다 Hanok Experience Center to be Established in Gangjin A Korean traditional housing “Hanok Experience Center” will be established at Saeuijae (사의재), a location famous for its having accommodated Joseon … 01-30 2534
1825 TEXT 장흥군 귀농 유치 박차 가한다 Jangheung to Attract Surge of ‘Return Population’ to Farming Jangheung-gun district has reportedly set a target goal for the ‘return farming population’ at 300 households or 600 people this year. Yes… 01-30 2627
1824 TEXT KTX 호남선 서대전역 경유 관련 반발 확산 Seodaejun Station at Honam KTX Continues to Cause Public Uproar in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo The ongoing consideration to the plan to include Seodaejun station as a stop on the soon-to-be opened Ho… 01-30 2426
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