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17501 TEXT 광주 초·중·고, 14일부터 부분 등교 전환 Gwangju Elementary, Middle, and High schools allowing partial attendance from Sept. 14th The Gwangju Office of Education decided to allow partial attendance at schools for local elementary, middle,… 09-09 50
17500 TEXT 광주시, '준 3단계' 20일까지 연장…20종 시설 집합 금지(종합) Gwangju City extending '3rd level' equivalent Social Distancing measures until Sept. 20th With the continuing infections spread within the region, the… 09-09 56
17499 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총21,588, 총 156명 추가, 일주일째 200명 이하 Domestic COVID 19 infections total 21,588, increased by 156, new virus cases below 200 for1 week The number of daily COVID19 cases in the nation stayed below 200 for th… 09-09 51
17498 TEXT 광주서 17명 신규 확진…누적 459명 Gwangju with 17 infected patients in one day Gwangju had 17 patients confirmed to be infected within just one day yesterday. This is amidst the reinforced Social Distancing measures in practice to concern th… 09-09 49
17497 TEXT 전남대·광주기독병원 전공의들 19일 만에 업무 복귀 Chonnam(전남) University and Gwangju Christian Hospitals' medical residents returned to work after 19 days Chonnam(전남) University and Gwangju Christian Hospitals' resid… 09-09 51
17496 TEXT 시장 밥집 등 광주 확진자 7명 추가…하루에 17명 확진 Gwangju with 17 confirmed patients in one day There were 17 new additionalcases confirmed with COVID 19 virus within Gwangju city as of yesterday. This is according to Gwangju C… 09-09 51
17495 TEXT 광주 올 상반기 지방세 미환급금 9억7천만원 납세자에 돌려준다 Gwangju City to refund 970 million won worth of regional tax for half of this year Gwangju City revealed on Sept. 8th that the unrefunded regional taxes of 970 million w… 09-09 52
17494 TEXT 대전 일가족 확진 후 연쇄확산 고리가 전남까지…총 17명 감염 Daejeon(대전)'s family infection cases extended to Jeonnam, total 17 people infected so far The Daejeon(대전) region's 3 infected family members having exten… 09-09 53
17493 TEXT Medical Residents in Gwangju Will Not Return to Work광주 전공의들, 업무 복귀 안한다 The country's largest doctors’ group, the Korean Medical Association, ended their walkout last Friday after forming an agreement with the government t… 09-08 58
17492 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총21,432, 총 136명 추가, 6일째 200명 이하 Domestic COVID 19 infections total 21,432, increased by 136, New virus cases below 200 for 6th day The number of daily COVID19 cases in the nation stayed below 200 for the … 09-08 54
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