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15289 TEXT 광주 송정역·1913송정역시장 주차난'숨통'…주차타워 완공 Gwangju’s Gwangsan District completed construction of the 1913 Songjeong (송정) Station Market’s tower parking lot on Thursday. Now, visitors and KTX passengers … 11-25 27
15288 TEXT 국방부"군공항 소음 피해 영향 조사 내년 초 시작" As the aircraft noise pollution compensation law against the Military Air Base passed at the National Assembly previously, the government announced the start of basic inspections starting … 11-25 25
15287 TEXT 광주시,홍수 대비 하천3곳 보강공사 추진 As the climate changes and rainfall is expected to increase, the City of Gwangju announced it would improve reinforcements near 3 rivers; Seobang-Chun (서방천), Yongjeon-Chun (용전천), and Daech… 11-25 16
15286 TEXT 광주공기산업진흥회 출범…공기 산업 육성 속도 The City of Gwangju held the opening ceremony of the Air Conditioning Industry Promotion Center on Thursday at the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KEIT) At the ceremony, authoriti… 11-25 18
15285 TEXT 광주FC 1부 리그 승격 보고회 Gwangju FC held their 1st tier promotion briefing session at the Gwangju Ramada Hotel on Wednesday to congratulate and encourage their hard-working players. Gwangju FC finished top of the K-League second tier record… 11-21 29
15284 TEXT 광주서22∼24일 의료·화장품 박람회'메디 헬스 산업전' The Gwangju Medical and Healthcare Fair will be held at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center starting from tomorrow. The 3-day exhibition is a continuation and renamed vers… 11-21 32
15283 TEXT 금호타이어 광주공장 이전 장기화되나 Kumho Tire’s Gwangju Factory is expecting a long delay on their transfer plan. An official of Kumho Tire held a press conference on Wednesday and explained since the Gwangju Type Job project’s veh… 11-21 30
15282 TEXT 광주'수돗물 이물질'서 발암 가능물질 나프탈렌 검출 The Gwangju Metropolitan Waterworks Headquarters revealed on Thursday that a very small amount of naphthalene, which is known to be a carcinogenic substance, was detected in… 11-21 27
15281 TEXT 광주·전남사회복지공동모금회 사랑의 온도탑 제막식 The nation's largest annual year-end charity event, run by the Community Chest of Korea, held its opening ceremony for the Love Thermometer under the slogan of “Sharing happine… 11-21 28
15280 TEXT 강경화"日 태도변화 없는 한 지소미아 내일 종료" The official government decision on the General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) seems to have no changes in the National Security Council which was hosted on Thursday by… 11-21 91
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