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20682 TEXT 학교·병원 등 감염 지속…광주·전남 102명 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 102 patients from schools and hospitals The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had over 100 new cases yesterday. According to the City on the 17th, there were 42 new p… 12-17 158
20681 TEXT 전남도, SOC분야국비1조5천466억원확보 Jeonnam Province SOC field, National Funds of 1.5 trillion won secured Jeonnam Province revealed on the 16th that a total of 1.5 trillion won worth of national funds are secured in the Social Overhead Ca… 12-17 158
20680 TEXT 광주시비정규직센터1년간975건상담 Gwangju City Irregular Workers' Center gave 975 counselling sessions in 1 year Gwangju City’s Irregular Workers' Center revealed on the 16th that a total of 975 labor counselling sessions were… 12-17 160
20679 TEXT 전남도,인도네시아 이어 베트남에 코로나19구호물품 Jeonnam Province delivers COVID19 Relief Goods to Vietnam following Indonesia Jeonnam Province has delivered COVID19 Relief Goods to Vietnam following Indonesia, continuing close inte… 12-17 157
20678 TEXT 전남 영암 종오리 농장 고병원성 조류 독감 의심 사례 발생 Jeonnam YeongAm(영암) Duck Farm with highly pathogenic AI suspected case The Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Central Headquarters revealed on the 16th that there was a hig… 12-16 169
20677 TEXT 전남, 오미크론 변이 13명 추가…모임·행사 자제 당부 Jeonnam with 13 additional Omicron variant cases, gatherings and events withdrawn Jeonnam Province revealed on the 16th that there were 13 additional Omicron variant cases confirmed … 12-16 173
20676 TEXT 광주 중학생 대상 '찾아가는 백신접종' 시작…오는 24일까지 Gwangju began 'Visiting Vaccination’ for middle school students, until 24th The Gwangju Office of Education began the 'Visiting Schools Vaccination’ … 12-16 190
20675 TEXT 광주·전남 18일부터 '모임 4인, 식당 밤 9시' 제한 Gwangju Jeonnam with 'Limit of 4 People Gathering, 9pm close for restaurants' from the 18th With the surging COVID19 infections found in the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions,… 12-16 185
20674 TEXT 광주 1주일간 하루 평균 48.9명 확진…"일상 회복 잠시 멈춤" Gwangju with 48.9 average cases per day for the last week, "Daily Recovery halted" Gwangju City had almost 50 daily cases on average for the past week with a halt to the Dail… 12-16 195
20673 TEXT 광주교육청, 수능 정시 대학별 지원 점수 분석 Gwangju Office of Education analyzed CSAT regular admission scores per university The Gwangju Office of Education released the Regular Admission Application Scores for Universities for t… 12-16 172
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