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19389 TEXT 전남도,유엔기후변화협약 당사국총회 여수 유치 가속화 Jeollanamdo putting effort to win bid to host COP28 Jeollanamdo Province held a report session on the 17thto speed up the bid preparation process to host the 28thsession of the C… 06-17 83
19388 TEXT 광주시, 5·18허위사실 유포12건 추가 수사의뢰…총26건 Gwangju requests investigation of 12 more cases offalse information about May 18. The City of Gwangju announced that it has requested the police to investigate 12 additional internet… 06-17 75
19387 TEXT 광주18일부터 사적모임8명까지 허용…"코로나19상황 개선" Gwangju to ease private gathering ban from the 18th. Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-seop (이용섭) announced that the City will ease the private gathering ban, allowing up to 8 peop… 06-17 80
19386 TEXT 시장·유흥주점·학원 등에서 광주·전남 추가 확산 Gwangju Jeonnam with additional infected patients found from market, nightlife facility, and Hakwon(학원) The Gwangju Jeonnam regions found additional infected patients. Thi… 06-17 69
19385 TEXT 광주 운암3단지 재건축 현장도 '불법 철거'…경찰 수사 착수 Gwangju Unam(운암) 3rd district redevelopment site 'illegal demolition', police investigation An illegal demolition process was found in Gwangju City a… 06-17 81
19384 TEXT 5·18기록관에 민주화운동 기록물'기증자의 벽'마련 The May 18 Archives places “Wall of Donors” The May 18 Archives announced that it has placed the “Wall of Donors” in an exhibition room on the 3rdfloor of the building… 06-17 77
19383 TEXT 광주 붕괴사고 재발 막는다…위험한 공사에 상주감리 배치 Gwangju comes up with measures to prevent future “Gwangju Building Collapse” similar accidents The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced that the revisi… 06-17 77
19382 TEXT 광주 시민4명 중1명 코로나19백신1차 접종…2차 접종률5% 1 out of 4 Gwangju citizens are vaccinated against COVID-19 The City of Gwangju reported that 1 out of 4 local citizens are vaccinated against COVID-19 so far. In detail, some… 06-17 99
19381 TEXT 광주서 농수산물 도매시장 상인3명 확진…임시 진료소 설치 Gwangju reports 3 more cases of COVID-19 The City of Gwangju reported 3 additional COVID-19 cases as of the 17th, raising the total cases to 2,876. Among the 3, 2 were fam… 06-17 79
19380 TEXT 광주 외국인주민 생활 가이드 제작 Gwangju produces foreign residents living guidelines Gwangju City has produced Foreign Residents Living Guidelines to facilitate foreign residents in settling down and to relieve communication difficulties a… 06-17 60
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