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18305 TEXT "1만원으로 국가정원 등 5곳이나"… '순천시민 1년 회원권' 시행 Suncheon(순천) residents with '1 year membership' for 10,000 won Jeonnam Suncheon(순천) City revealed on Dec. 31st that there will be the 'S… 12-31 55
18304 TEXT Gwangju Jeonnam and the KEPCO to initiate the 'Energy Valley Project' 광주 전남 한전, '에너지 밸리 사업' 추진 Gwangju City and Jeonnam Province along with the Korea Electric Power Corporation or KEPCO will initiate th… 12-31 55
18303 TEXT 광주 체육동호회 관련 확진자16명으로 늘어…의사 10명 포함 Gwangju Sports Club related cases increased to 16, including 10 doctors Gwangju Doctors' Sports Club related COVID 19 infection cases increased to 16 so far. This is … 12-31 51
18302 TEXT 2021년 외국인 입국절차 간결화 2021 Foreigner Entrance Procedures simplified Starting in 2021, foreigners' entrance into South Korea will be simplified with the operation of the Electronic Travel Authority or ETA system. The Ministry of… 12-31 58
18301 TEXT 광주 비접촉·무증상 감염 10건 확인…확진자 이틀째 한 자릿수 Gwangju with single digit infection cases for 2nd consecutiveday Gwangju City had a decreased number of new COVID 19 infections, staying at a single digit rate for the 2… 12-31 51
18300 TEXT 장성서 모녀 코로나19 확진…전남 누적 562명 Jangseong(장성) with mother and daughter infection cases to total 562 in Jeonnam region There were 2 additional infection cases found in Jeonnam'sJangseong(장성) region to total 562 with… 12-31 50
18299 TEXT 광주 GGM 올해 첫 차 생산, 국내 23년만에 첫 자동차 완성 공장 Gwangju GGM to produce first cars next year, first new automobile factory across the country in 23 years Gwangju Global Motors or GGM, which is the first corporation model u… 12-31 43
18298 TEXT 광주·전남서 코로나19 확진자 7명 증가 Gwangju Jeonnam with 7 added COVID19 patients There were 7 new patients with COVID19 found within the Gwangju Jeonnam region as of yesterday. This is according to the health authorities of both regio… 12-31 39
18297 TEXT 광주 유·초·중·고 1월 15일까지 전면 원격수업 Gwangju schools operating distance classes until Jan. 15th. All schools including kindergartens within Gwangju City will be operating distance classes until Jan. 15th. This is according to… 12-30 52
18296 TEXT '반나절 16㎝ 눈폭탄' 광주시, 재난본부 가동 비상근무 Gwangju City operating emergency shifts for heavy snow Gwangju City issued a heavy snow advisory for the first time this winter with Disaster Safety CountermeasuresHeadqua… 12-30 42
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