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19442 TEXT NEW POST 강의실 내 거리 두기·외국인 유학생은 입국 전부터 PCR 검사 Social Distancing measures in lecture classes, foreign international students to be PCR tested before entering country As there are increasing steps towards onsite-classes … 11:55 4
19441 TEXT NEW POST 부산 어선 내 집단감염' 광주·전남 밤새 20명 확진(종합) Busan fishing-ship cluster infection leads to 20 patients added yesterday within Gwangju Jeonnam regions Gwangju Jeonnam regions had a total of 20 infected patients found y… 11:55 2
19440 TEXT NEW POST 3천억대 국책사업 'K-바이오 랩허브' 화순 후보지 현장평가 Hwasoon evaluated as candidate location for300 billion won national project, 'K-Bio Lab Hub Onsite evalutation for candidacy for 'K-Bio Lab… 07:55 6
19439 TEXT NEW POST 광주송정역 주말 시내버스 110편 증편 Gwangju Songjung(송정) Station weekend intra-city buses increased by 110 Gwangju City revealed yesterday that there will be 110 extra city buses running through Gwangju SongJung(송정) statio… 07:55 5
19438 TEXT NEW POST "아시아문화 체험" 광주 궁동 예술의 거리 축제 26일 개막 Gwangju Gungdong(궁동) Arts Street Festival "Asia Culture Experience" opening on the 26th The Gwangju Gungdong(궁동) Arts Street Festival will be held from tomorrow … 07:55 7
19437 TEXT NEW POST 5·18사적지 해남 우슬재서 행불자 추정 유골 발견 Unidentified remains found at May 18 historical site. The May 18 Memorial Foundation reported that unidentified remains were found at Jeollanamdo Haenam County’s Wooseuljae (우슬재), a… 06-24 12
19436 TEXT NEW POST 광주2만6천여 가구에25일부터 한시 생계지원금 지급 Gwangju will provide temporary relief fund starting tomorrow. The City of Gwangju announced that it will provide temporary livelihood support funds to 26,000 households in the city that … 06-24 5
19435 TEXT NEW POST '코로나 충격 벗어나나'광주전남 소비자 심리지수6개월째 상승 Gwangju and Jeollanamdo’s consumer sentiment continues to rise The Bank of Korea revealed data that consumer sentiment in Gwangju and Jeonnam was recorded at … 06-24 7
19434 TEXT NEW POST 광주 동전 노래방·병원서 확진자 발생…현장 위험도 평가 Gwangju reports COVID-19 cases at singing room. The City of Gwangju reported 3 additional COVID-19 cases as of 2pm today, raising the total cases to 2,900. Of the 3, 2 were… 06-24 6
19433 TEXT 광주 1명·전남 6명 코로나19 추가 확진 Gwangju and Jeonnam with 1 and 6 more patients added each Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had a total of 7 more patients added as of yesterday. According to the City today, there … 06-24 7
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