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293 TEXT 상반기 한국독립영화, 광주극장에서 Korean Indie Films Coming to Gwangju Cinema A series of Korean independent films produced and premiered in the early half of 2014 will be showcased at Gwangju’s one and only independent movie theatre… 07-15 3761
292 TEXT 완도군 고기잡이 바다체험행사 열어 Wando to Host ‘Fishing in Ocean’ Experience Wando-gun district will host a fishing with bare hands in the ocean event on July 27th and August 10th near the Bukgori (북고리) Beach. With the sl… 07-15 4167
291 TEXT 광주, 전남북 채용박람회 열린다 Gwangju and South-North Jeolla Province Job Fair to be Held The 2014 Gwangju and South and North Jeolla Province Job Exposition, featuring the participation of 200 small to medium sized business administrat… 07-15 4121
290 TEXT 영산강 환경청장 큰빗이끼벌레 생태조사 Yeongsan River Environmental Management Office to Conduct Ecological Inspection Chairperson of the Yeongsan River Environmental Management Office, Park Eung-ryeol, has announced that it will rel… 07-15 4323
289 TEXT 한중 FTA 가시화, 전남도 수출 농수산식품 늘린다 Jeollanamdo Expands Export Items as Korea – China FTA Draws Near Jeollanamdo has reportedly decided to expand export items to 15 categories worth 1 million dollars by 2018 as the pass… 07-15 4663
288 TEXT 아시아문화전당, 이달부터 2017년까지 단계적으로 개관 Asia Culture Complex to Open Up in Steps by 2017 The national Asia Culture Complex will begin opening parts of the cultural complex starting this month and complete the constru… 07-14 4194
287 TEXT 전남도 규제개혁 과제 반영률 1위 Jeollanamdo Removes the Most for Unreasonable Regulations Unreasonable regulations in Jeollanamdo will be lifted starting this year as the national government recently approved 10 cases of regulations to b… 07-14 4550
286 TEXT 광주폴리 II, 대한민국 경관대상 ‘최우수상’ Gwangju Folly II Wins ‘Excellence Award’ in Korea Scenery Award Gwangju Folly II, a series of artistic installations in Gwangju, won the excellence award in the 2014 Korea National Sc… 07-14 4233
285 TEXT 전남-제주 뱃길 관광 세월호 참사에 직격탄 Sewol Ferry Accident Damages Jeonam-Jeju Tourism Passenger ship lines linking Jeollanamdo and Jeju island have reportedly suffered great damage since the April 16th Sewol Ferry Accident as the… 07-14 4456
284 TEXT 이용우 광주비엔날레 대표 세계비엔날레 회장 선임 Gwangju Biennale Rep. Lee Yong-woo Appointed as First President of World Biennale Association Chairman of the Gwangju Biennale Foundation, Dr. Lee Yong-woo, has been appointed as th… 07-14 4179
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