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19212 TEXT 광주시, 24일부터 교통시설 등1천200여 곳 안전 대진단 Gwangju to launch a large-scale safety diagnosis from next week The City of Gwangju announced on the 21st that it will conduct a large-scale safety inspection in the city for a mon… 05-21 93
19211 TEXT 광주서 중학교·공공기관 산발 감염…학업·업무 차질 Gwangju reports more COVID-19 cases from schools and public offices. The City of Gwangju added 6 additional COVID-19 cases as of 2pm on the 21st, raising the total cases to 2,675. … 05-21 103
19210 TEXT '전환의 시대,광주의 꿈'…제56회 광주시민의 날 기념식 Gwangju celebrates its 56thcitizens’day The 56thGwangju Citizens’ Day was held at Gwangju City Hall under the theme of “Gwangju 521 Transition of Spring.” Hyeon… 05-21 88
19209 TEXT 외국인 근로자 코로나 확진 현대삼호중 '비상' Foreign Laborer infected with COVID19, Hyundai(현대) SamHo(삼호) 'Alarmed' A foreign laborer was confirmed to be infected at Hyundai(현대) SamHo(삼호) Heavy Industr… 05-21 95
19208 TEXT 광주·전남 하루 30명 확진, 여수 학교 5곳 확진자 7명 Gwangju Jeonnam with 30 infected cases found, 7 patients found from 5 schools in Yeosu(여수) The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are continuing to have regional transmission ca… 05-21 93
19207 TEXT 광주서 백신 1차 접종 수사 경찰관·선별진료소 간호사 확진, 여수 무더기 확진 Gwangju police officer and screening clinic nurse who were inoculated are infected, Yeosu(여수) finds cluster infection A police officer and… 05-21 82
19206 TEXT '가자 도청으로' 5·18 차량시위 재현 행사 개최 May 18th Vehicle Demonstration Reenactment There was a 'Democratization Drivers' Day' event held around Geumnamro(금남로) and the old Mudeung(무등) stadium on May… 05-21 81
19205 TEXT 국민의힘 당권주자들 호남 민심 공략…30일 첫 광주연설회(종합) People Power party candidates trying to earn Honam(호남) votes, first Gwangju speech to be held on the 30th The People Power Party candidates are trying to e… 05-21 102
19204 TEXT 전남도,농촌 외국인 근로자 숙소 확보 지원 Jeonnam to provide housing support measures for foreign workers at farms Jeollanamdo Province announced that it will provide housing support measures at farms with foreign workers who signed labor… 05-20 105
19203 TEXT 전남60~74세 접종 예약률61.5%…나이 낮을수록 예약률도 낮아 The vaccination reservation rate of seniors in Jeonnam is at only 61.5% Jeollanamdo Province revealed data that only 61.5 percent of the seniors, aged from 60 to 74, have made… 05-20 75
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