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19182 TEXT 여야 대표, 광주서 5·18`연대·나눔 상징' 주먹밥 깜짝 조찬…"상생·협력"(종합) Ruling and Opposition Parties representatives share 'rice-balls', a symbol of Gwangju'ssolidarity and sharing Greeting the 41st An… 05-18 58
19181 TEXT 광주 8일째 두 자릿수 확진…지역감염 이어져 Gwangju continues double-digit infections for 8th day Gwangju City is continuing to have COVID19 transmission in the double digits with various routes of infection. According to the Cit… 05-18 87
19180 TEXT 與지도부·대권주자 광주 총출동 Ruling Party's leaders and presidential candidates all head to Gwangju The leading members of the Democratic Party as well as Presidential Candidates are headed to Gwangju today. The 41st anniversar… 05-18 95
19179 TEXT '잔인한5월'전남지역 확진자 보름 만에257명'급증' Jeonnam reports over 250 COVID-19 cases just in May. Jeollanamdo Province announced 20 additional COVID-19 cases as of 16th. Of the 20, 10 were from Yeosu, and 4, 2, … 05-17 97
19178 TEXT "오월 뜻 본받자"전남도, 5·18민주화운동41주년 기념식 Jeonnam holds May 18 commemoration event to mark its 41stanniversary. A commemoration event for the 41stanniversary of the May 18 Democratic Movement was held on the 17th, organized… 05-17 97
19177 TEXT "80년5월 그날을 기억" 41주년5·18추모제 거행 A memorial service for the 41stanniversary of May 18 held by civic group in Gwangju A memorial service for the 41stanniversary of the May 18 Democratic Movement was held on the 17th at the May … 05-17 123
19176 TEXT '우리들의 오월'제41주년5·18민주화운동 기념식 내일 거행 Korea to mark 41stanniversary of May 18 Gwangju Democratic Movement The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs said the 41stanniversary of May 18 Democratic Movem… 05-17 96
19175 TEXT '우리들의 오월' 제41주년 5·18민주화운동 기념식 거행 'Our May', the 41st May 18th Democratization Movement Ceremony to be held The 41st May 18th Democratization Movement Ceremony will be held tomorrow at the May 18t… 05-17 99
19174 TEXT 광주시, 국가폭력과 트라우마 국제회의 개최 Gwangju City to hold International Meeting for National Violence and Trauma The Gwangju Trauma Center will be holding the 2021 National Violence and Trauma International Meeting on May 19th. … 05-17 108
19173 TEXT '불의 맞선 정신 계승' 전국 언론인 5·18민주역사기행 May 18th Democratization History Journey for national journalists Domestic journalists have stated the continuance of the May spirit and the wishes of the May 18th Democ… 05-17 104
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