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19357 TEXT '찜통더위 주의보' 전남 냉방기기 화재 5년간 109건 Jeonnam's AC related accidents total 109 within the last 5 years The Jeonnam region's air conditioner related accidents total 109 for the last 5 years. This is a… 06-14 76
19356 TEXT 전남 사적모임 6명→8명까지 허용…주점 등은 4명 제한(종합) Jeonnam region with gatherings of 8 people allowed, bars with 4 person restriction Jeonnam Province decided to extend the personal gathering limit from the previous 6 to 8. … 06-14 123
19355 TEXT 사고 잇따른 광주시, 2주간 안전점검 특별주간 선포 Gwangju City operating 2 weeks of Safety Examination Special Week Gwangju City began 2 weeks of Special Safety Examination. This is with the recent building collapse as well as flo… 06-14 88
19354 TEXT 휴일에 광주·전남 코로나19 확진자 5명…확산 진정세(종합) Gwangju Jeonnam with 5 infected patients found, low rate of transmission continues As of yesterday, there were 5 infected patients found in Gwangju and Jeonnam regions… 06-14 77
19353 TEXT 광주시, 건물 붕괴 피해자 등 트라우마 치료 지원 Gwangju to offer trauma treatment to victims of Gwangju building collapse incident. The City of Gwangju announced that it will provide psychological support to victims of the building col… 06-11 119
19352 TEXT 철거건물 붕괴참사, 7명 입건'수사 박차'…시공사 직원 등 추가 7 people booked for the collapsed building in Gwangju. The Gwangju Police Agency’s investigation headquarters announced that it booked 7 people related to the … 06-11 118
19351 TEXT 전남지역2만4천여명 얀센백신 접종 시작 Jeonnam to give Janssen vaccines Jeollanamdo Province announced that it began its COVID-19 vaccination program with Janssen vaccines since the 10th. The campaign is being conducted for over 24,000 … 06-11 97
19350 TEXT 직장동료 등 전남서 밤새4명 코로나19추가 확진 Jeonnam adds 4 more case last night Jeollanamdo Province announced 4 additional COVID-19 cases as of 8am on the 10th, raising the total cases to 1,542. Of the 4, were 3 in Suncheon City… 06-11 117
19349 TEXT 철거 건물 매몰 사고…경찰 총 4명 입건·출국금지 4 people related to collapsed building indicted and prohibited from overseas departure 4 people were indicted by the police related to the collapsed building in Gwangju. … 06-11 115
19348 TEXT 광주 신규 확진자 1명 '안정세' 유지…전남은 5명 Gwangju with 1 infected patient found, Jeonnam with 5 The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are keeping COVID19 transmission at single digits, maintaining the low infection rat… 06-11 111
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