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18540 TEXT 여수시, 설 연휴 기간 엑스포역에 임시 선별진료소 운영 Yeosu(여수) City to operate temporary screening clinic at EXPO Station during Lunar New Year Holidays Jeonnam's Yeosu(여수) City revealed on Feb. 8th that there is a tem… 02-08 48
18539 TEXT 오늘부터 광주 포함 비수도권 영업 밤10시까지.. 5인 이상 모임금지는 유지 Gwangju City to ease business restrictions from today Starting today, Gwangju City and non-capital areas will allow business operations until 10pm. Th… 02-08 77
18538 TEXT 광주문화재단 예술인·공연단체 '생활안전자금 지원' Gwangju Culture Foundation to support Livelihood Stability Fund for artists and performing organizations The Gwangju Culture Foundation decided to support regional artists t… 02-08 51
18537 TEXT 정세균, 이낙연 10일 나란히 광주로 Jung SeGyun(정세균) and Lee NakYeon(이낙연) headed to Gwangju on Feb. 10th In preparation for the next presidential election, Jung SeGyun(정세균), the Prime Minister and Lee NakYeon(이낙연), the… 02-08 52
18536 TEXT 전남 고병원성 AI 1주일에 2건꼴 발생…350만 마리 살처분 Jeonnam with 2 AI virus detection cases per week, 3.5 million animals culled There have been a total of 16 places within Jeonnam Province where highly pathogenic strains of Avian … 02-08 46
18535 TEXT 광주시, 대면예배·소모임 강행한 교회 4곳 고발(종합) Gwangju City sues 4 churches that operated face-to-face church services and meetings Gwangju City is filing lawsuits against 4 churches within the region that violated prevention me… 02-08 49
18534 TEXT 코바코, 2021년 혁신형 중소기업 방송광고 소재제작 지원사업 모집 KOBACO recruiting for 2021 Innovative Small and Medium Businesses Broadcasting Advertising Material Production The Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation or KOBACO w… 02-05 64
18533 TEXT 광주 연쇄 감염 속출…사우나서도 집단 확진 Gwangju chain transmission continues, cluster infection cases found from sauna(사우나) Gwangju City is continuing to have chain transmission cases with unclear routes of infection. Accord… 02-05 85
18532 TEXT 광주 효정요양병원 관련 확진자 숨져…지역 누적 사망 19명 Gwangju Hyojeong(효정) Nursing Hospital related patient died to total 19 deaths within the City There was a COVID 19 infected patient that died during treatment related to t… 02-05 66
18531 TEXT '명절 음주운전 차단' 광주 경찰 설 명절 특별교통관리 실시 Gwangju Police operatingLunar New Year's Special TrafficManagement to prevent 'drunk driving' Gwangju Police Agency revealed on Feb. 5th that there w… 02-05 58
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