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18530 TEXT "광주·전남 10명 중 5명 설 고향방문 않겠다" Half of Gwangju Jeonnam residents not visiting home during Lunar New Year Half of surveyed Gwangju Jeonnam residents answered that they are not visiting their hometowns out of concern for COVID1… 02-05 57
18529 TEXT 광주서 연일 하루 두 자릿수 확진…지역사회 감염 이어져 Gwangju continues with double digit new infection cases, regional transmission cases Gwangju City is continuing with its double digit new infection cases. According to the Ci… 02-05 52
18528 TEXT 나주 간호사 관련 광주 연쇄감염 지속, 누적 11명(종합) Naju(나주) Nurse related cases continue in Gwangju to total 11 so far There were 9 new infection cases added in Gwangju City as of yesterday. These include patients related to Jeo… 02-05 56
18527 TEXT 광주 광산구 월곡시장 외국인 특화장터로 Gwangju Gwangsangu(광산구) Wolgok(월곡) Traditional Market remodeled to foreigner specialized market Gwangju's Gwangsangu(광산구) district was selected in a 'Cultural Tourism Type… 02-05 104
18526 TEXT 광주 TCS·안디옥 연결고리 찾았다…"서울서 유입"(종합) Gwangju TCS and Antioch(안디옥) connections found, 'Seoul(서울) origin' The TCS International School and Antioch(안디옥) Church related cluster infection cases wi… 02-04 65
18525 TEXT 광주 1월 유증상자63%, 3일 뒤 검사…가족에게 전파 63% of symptom carriers in Jan. tested after 3 days of symptoms and spreading virus to family members Gwangju health authorities revealed on Feb. 4th that there were a total 717 patients … 02-04 56
18524 TEXT 광주시, 2024년까지 빈집 788채 매입·철거·리모델링 Gwangju City to purchase, demolish, and remodel 788 empty houses by 2024 Gwangju City is officializing empty house renovation. This is to prevent various social issues including residen… 02-04 55
18523 TEXT 광주시, 한국 국제협력단 센터 유치…하반기 지역 대학에 설치 Gwangju City to establish KOICA Gwangju City revealed that an International Development Cooperative Center of Korea International Cooperation Agency or KOICA will be est… 02-04 51
18522 TEXT 광주 남구 주월동 일부 지역 '봉선동'으로 바뀔 듯 Part of Namgu(남구) Juwoldong(주월동) areas to be changed to 'Bongseondong(봉선동)' Gwangju's Namgu(남구) Juwoldong(주월동) area will have parts of it… 02-04 53
18521 TEXT 광주 'n차' 감염 이어져 12명 확진…하루 만에 또다시 두 자릿수 Chain transmission continues in Gwangju, 12 infected patients found yesterday Gwangju City had a drop in the number of infected patients on Feb. 2nd, but it ro… 02-04 50
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