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16528 TEXT 광주 주택가 세탁소 화재…프로야구 경기 한때 중단(종합) Gwangju housing residential area laundry in fire, baseball game briefly halted A laundry building caught on fire within the ShinAhnDong(신안동) residential area on May … 05-05 60
16527 TEXT 마스크 쓰고 거리 두고'아직은 조심조심'…차분해진 어린이날 Careful Children’s Day with masks on Marking the last day of the ‘golden holiday period’ as well as Children’s Day, May 5thhad a large number of outdoor… 05-05 62
16526 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총10,804명, 3명 추가,국내발생0명 Domestic infected total 10,804, increase by 3, none from domestic infections Domestic COVID19 infections increased by 3 for May 4th to total 10,804 in Korea. However, there were n… 05-05 52
16525 TEXT 5·18 40주년 기념 상징물 아이디어 국민 공모…20일까지 접수 May 18th 40th Anniversary Ceremonial Symbol Idea Contest held until May 20th Gwangju city revealed on May 5th that there will be an idea contest for a May 18th Ceremonial S… 05-05 56
16524 TEXT 자가격리 위반하고 이웃집 방문한 베트남인 검찰 송치 Vietnamese resident who violatedself-quarantine turned over to prosecution The Jeonnam YeongGwang(영광) Police Station revealed on May 5th that a 22 year old Vietnamese sailor wa… 05-05 57
16523 TEXT 광주형 일자리 합의 이행…상생 일자리 재단 설립 추진단 구성 Gwangju Type Job agreement executed, Win-Win Jobs Foundation establishment promotion committee formed A promotion committee has been composed to lead the Win-Win Jobs F… 05-05 54
16522 TEXT 광주시립미술관, 국립광주과학관 84일, 74일 만에 개관 Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju National Science Museum opened after 84 and 74 days of closure each The Gwangju Museum of Art is open again with restrictions after 84 days of closu… 05-04 63
16521 TEXT 여수시 인구 소폭 증가, 28만1604명···"전남 제일도시" Yeosu(여수) City has small increase in population to reach 281,604, highest in Jeonnam Yeosu(여수) City within Jeonnam(전남) province recorded a population of 281,604 at the … 05-04 56
16520 TEXT 전남대, 온라인 중간고사 말썽…첫날 서버 '먹통' Cheonnam University has server problems for first online-mid-term exams Cheonnam(전남) University experienced difficulties for the first online mid-term examinations amidst i… 05-04 63
16519 TEXT 42년간 지진 한번 없던 해남서 9일간 54회 지진 '미스터리' Haenam(해남) experiences 54 earthquakes after 42 years of silence The Korea Meteorological Administration or the KMA said on May 4th that it was looking int… 05-04 59
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