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16543 TEXT “5.18유공자는 폭도”유튜버 막말에 들끓는 광주 “May 18thmerited are mobs”YouTubers denigrate Gwangju Extreme conservative organizations and YouTubers have requested the list of the merited from May 18thand public records, which i… 05-07 79
16542 TEXT "나주 방사광 가속기7부 능선 넘었다"…전남도 최종 선정 총력 Naju(나주) Light Source establishment in the last competition Jeonnam Province’s biggest issue of the year, the Light Source establishment in the region, has passed the… 05-07 69
16541 TEXT 광주시, 소상공인·중소업체 신규채용 인건비 50% 지원 Gwangju City to support labor cost of SMEs suffering from COVID-19 Gwangju city will be supporting labor costs for SMEs for 6 months amid the COVID 19 spread. Our HyungJin Ro has mo… 05-06 71
16540 TEXT KIA 개막전 大敗···아쉬운 출발 KIA lose opening game The KIA Tigers recorded a loss for their season-opening game. This was the '2020 ShinAhn(신안) Bank SOL KBO League" held in Gwangju KIA Champions Field on May 5th. The opening ga… 05-06 65
16539 TEXT 5·18 사적지 옛 적십자병원 유찰…광주시, 수의계약 매입 추진 Old Gwangju Red Cross Hospital, the historic site of May 18th, under optional contract with Gwangju city Gwangju city is negotiating with the old Gwangju Red Cross Hosp… 05-06 98
16538 TEXT 여수에 주소 둔 해외 입국자, 2번 완치 후 재확진 Overseas entrant with residential address in Yeosu(여수), fully recovered twice to be confirmed infected again There was a male in his 20s who confirmed positive for COVID 19 after full … 05-06 65
16537 TEXT 옛 광주교도소 부지 '솔로몬로파크' 건립 속도…2022년 완공 Old Gwangju Prison site to be constructed into 'Solomon Law Park', completed in 2022 The Gwangju Solomon Law Park construction project is speeding up. T… 05-06 63
16536 TEXT 이재용, 경영권 승계 의혹 사과…"제 아이들에게 안 물려줄 것" Samsung heir apologizes over wrongdoings in succession, vows to scrap 'no labor union' policy Lee JaeYong(이재용), the heir of Korea's top conglomera… 05-06 70
16535 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총10,806명, 2명 추가,에어컨 사용, 수시 환기 필요 Domestic infected total 10,806, increase by 2, air conditioner usable with frequent ventilation Domestic COVID19 infections increased by 2 for May 5th to tot… 05-06 65
16534 TEXT '9일간55차례'잇단 지진 공포…해남군 대응팀 가동 Haenam(해남) County mobilizes Response Team for the 55 earthquakes that occurred in 9 days Jeonnam Haenam(해남) County is operating a Response Team to relieve the much arise… 05-06 55
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