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16451 TEXT 여수세계박람회장에 드라이브 스루 수산물 판매장 연다 Yeosu(여수) World Expo to open drive-through seafood market The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries revealed on Apr. 24ththat there will be a drive-through seafood market open at t… 04-24 73
16450 TEXT 이용섭 광주시장,청와대에'광주형 일자리'해법 지원 요청 Lee YongSeob(이용섭), Gwangju city mayor requests support for ‘Gwangju Type Job’ solutions to the Blue House Lee YongSeob(이용섭) Gwangju city mayor request… 04-24 70
16449 TEXT 전남도, 농어민 수당 속전속결 조기집행···60만원 Jeonnam province to distribute support subsidies for farmers and fishers of 600,000 won Jeonnam province is distributing public subsidies for farmers and fishers in advance amid the COV… 04-23 75
16448 TEXT 광주시, 취약계층에 마스크 11만장 추가 지원 Gwangju city to support additional 110,000 masks for the socially vulnerable Gwangju city revealed on Apr. 23rd thatan additional 110,000 masks are to be supported for medical staff and the… 04-23 69
16447 TEXT 광주 아파트 매매 가격 4주 연속 하락 Gwangju apartmentprices trending downward for 4 consecutive weeks The Gwangju region's apartment sales prices have dropped for 4 consecutive weeks. According to the Weekly Apartment Price Trends … 04-23 135
16446 TEXT 광주도시철도 2호선 공사, 지역경제 활성화 숨통 Gwangju Metro Line No.2 construction to help stimulate the regional economy Gwangju Metro Line No. 2 construction project is assisting to stimulate the regional economy which is undergoin… 04-23 102
16445 TEXT 지자체장 또 성추행 쇼크' 오거돈 부산시장 자진사퇴 Municipality head in 'sexual harrassmentshock', Oh GeoDon(오거돈), Busan(부산) city mayor steps down Oh GeoDon(오거돈), the mayor of Busan(부산) City stepped … 04-23 70
16444 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총10,702명, 8명 추가, 올가을.겨울 코로나 2차유행 대비 Domestic COVID 19 infected total 10,702, increase by 8, 2nd wave of pandemic being prepared for this Fall and Winter Domestic COVID19 infections increa… 04-23 74
16443 TEXT 기아차 광주2공장, 다시한번 셧다운 가능성 23일부터 29일까지Kia Motors to shut down second plant in Gwangju amid poor global salesKia Motors Corp. under Hyundai Motor Group’s rationalization against weakening productivity and overseas… 04-23 68
16442 TEXT GIST,광주지역 최초 창업체험센터 운영 GIST to operate the first Startup Experimental Center within Gwangju GIST or the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology revealed on Apr. 23rdthat it was selected as the 2020 Gwangju Startup Experim… 04-23 69
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