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18866 TEXT 세계 첫 LTE 기반 열차제어시스템, 전라선에 설치된다 First LTE based Train Control System in the world to be established in Jeolla(전라) Line The Korea National Railway revealed on Mar. 30th that the KTCS2 or the Korean Train Contr… 03-31 40
18865 TEXT '타지역 확진자 접촉' 광주서 2명 추가…누적 2209명 Gwangju with 2 additional patients found to total 2,209 Gwangju City had 2 additional cases of COVID19 to total 2,209. This is according to the City's health authoriti… 03-31 39
18864 TEXT 광주 17개 업체, 에너지 산업 융복합단지 특화기업 지정 Gwangju's 17 corporations selected as Energy Industry Integrated Complex Specified Businesses The Gwangju Jeonnam region's 17 Energy Industry Integrated Complex Corpora… 03-31 39
18863 TEXT 광주 공공 배달앱 시범운영…가맹점 가입비·광고료 면제 Gwangju to test run public delivery application The City of Gwangju said on the 30th that it will test run the Gwangju-type public delivery application starting from April 1… 03-30 43
18862 TEXT 광주 공공스포츠클럽4월부터 본격 운영 Gwangju to open public sports club The City of Gwangju announced on the 30th that it will open a public sports club starting from April. The public sports club is the sports ministry’s promotio… 03-30 42
18861 TEXT 여수·순천·광양시-국회의원 지역 발전'한목소리' Yeosu (여수), Suncheon (순천), Gwangyang (광양) discuss future of eastern Jeonnam region Authorities of Jeollanamdo's Yeosu (여수), Suncheon (순천), and Gwangya… 03-30 32
18860 TEXT 75세 이상 노인 백신 접종,목포·여수·순천부터 Jeonnam region to begin COVID-19 vaccination for people aged 75 and older Jeollanamdo Province announced on the 30th that it will begin the COVID-19 vaccination program for residents aged … 03-30 39
18859 TEXT 광주 비엔날레 31일 개막 Gwangju Biennale opening on Mar. 31st The 13th Gwangju Biennale is to open on Mar. 31st. There have been 2 postponements due to the COVID19 pandemic. Therefore, with the theme of 'Minds Rising, Spirits Tuning… 03-30 45
18858 TEXT 전남 배경 영화·드라마 촬영에 제작비 지원 확대 Jeonnam(전남) Background Movies and Drama filming to extend production fund Jeonnam Province revealed on Mar. 29th that there will be an extension of movie and drama filming supportiv… 03-30 30
18857 TEXT 미얀마 쿠데타 규탄… '임을 위한 행직곡 챌린지·뮤직비디오' Myanmar Coup criticized, 'March for the Beloved Challenge Music Video' There are critical performances and voices from the Gwangju Jeonnam regions, u… 03-30 30
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