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16873 TEXT 정경두, 북한에 경고…"군사도발하면 좌고우면 않고 강력 대응" Jung GyungDoo(정경두) warns N.Korea, "strong responses to military provocation" Jung GyungDoo(정경두), the Minister of National Defense, revealed on Jun. 18 tha… 06-18 87
16872 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총12,257, 59명 추가, 대전발 집단감염 수도권 전파 Domestic COVID 19 infected totals 12,257, increased by 59, cluster infection cases from Daejeon(대전) to reach the capital area Domestic COVID19 infections inc… 06-18 89
16871 TEXT 'AI 구인' 광주권 일자리박람회 성황리에 마무리 ‘AI based Job Matching System’- Gwangju Job Fair Successfully Finished There was an AI based Job Matching System held at the Gwangju Job fair which successfully marked its end. O… 06-18 53
16870 TEXT · `마스크도 안 쓰는 자동화 선별진료소`…광주 광산구 최초 도입 'Automotive Screening Clinic without masks on', introduced in Gwangju Gwangsangu(광산구) for the first time Gwangju Gwangsangu(광산구) distri… 06-18 49
16869 TEXT 광주·전남 2명 중 1명 "전매제한 이후 양극화 심화" Gwangju Jeonnam poll, 50% answer "deepened polarization since the sale restriction" 1 out of 2 people in the Gwangju Jeonnam region answered that they predicted deeper polarization with … 06-18 49
16868 TEXT 광주시 "문화전당 국가기관 유지·문화도시 특별법 개정" 건의 Gwangju City appeals for "the ACC to be kept as a national institution and amendment for Culture City Special Law" Gwangju City suggested governmental support regarding … 06-18 49
16867 TEXT 광주기상청 "18일 아침부터 강한 비, 침수·붕괴 주의" Gwangju Office of Meteorology, "heavy rainfall from the morning, caution for flooding and collapse" Gwangju Office of Meteorology revealed on Jun. 17th that will be a maximum of 20 t… 06-18 56
16866 TEXT KIA, NC 전7-4 역전승 KIA beat NC by 7 to 4 in surprise win The KIA Tigers gained a surprising win against the league-leading NC Dinos on Jun. 16th. With a score of 7 to 4, KIA scored their 20th win of the season to be ranked 4th, tied with Kium(… 06-17 57
16865 TEXT 호남권 최초 드론공원 19일 광주 북구에 문 연다 Drone Park to open in Gwangju Bukgu(북구) on Jun. 19th, the first in Honam(호남) region Gwangju Bukgu(북구) area's Drone Flight Range has become acknowledged as the first Drone Pa… 06-17 97
16864 TEXT 광주시, 11억 들여 하수도 지리 정보 시스템 정확도 개선 Gwangju City to improve accuracy of sewage geographicalinformation system Gwangju City revealed on Jun. 17th that the accuracy of theSewage Geographical Information System, whic… 06-17 61
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