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16495 TEXT 한국노총, 27일 만에'광주형 일자리'복귀…노사정3자 합의(종합) Korea Trade Unions return to Gwangju Type Job after 27 days; Labor, Management and Govt. agreement The labor union, which withdrew from the ‘Gwangju Type Jo… 04-30 47
16494 TEXT 광주·전남 소비심리'꽁꽁'…경제지표 곤두박질 Gwangju Jeonnam’s consumer confidence froze, economic indicators in steep fall The economic indicators showed the current consumer confidence of the Gwangju Jeonnam region has fr… 04-30 54
16493 TEXT '광주형 일자리' 노사정 3자 합의…노동계 복귀로 사업 정상화 Gwangju City and Labor Community to cooperate for smooth operation of Gwangju’s job project Gwangju city, along with labor and management sides, held a discussi… 04-29 59
16492 TEXT 5월 광고시장 봄 성수기 실종되나 May Advertisit market no longer Spring peak season The Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation released the Korea Advertising Index or the KAI for May. The KAI is estimating the advertising business with… 04-29 54
16491 TEXT 전남도, 5월 연휴 앞두고 코로나19 핵심수칙 지키기 독려 Jeonnam Province encouraging the maintaining of COVID19 core measures in the face of May holidays Jeonnam Province is urging residents to maintain the 5 core guidelines of the … 04-29 60
16490 TEXT "방사광 가속기 나주에 설치"…호남 각계 촉구 여론 절정(종합) Urging for Light Source to be established in Naju(나주), Honam(호남) from many local fields Different fields within the Honam(호남) region are urging for the Li… 04-29 56
16489 TEXT 광주 2014∼2018년 자연재난 재산 피해 9천700만원 Gwangju 2014 to 2018 Natural Disaster damage to assets totals 97 million won It has been verified from the recent 5 years of records for damaged assets due to natural disasters within Gwang… 04-29 56
16488 TEXT '4∼7월 전업종 카드소득공제 80%로 확대' 코로나세법 소위 통과 From Apr. to Jul. all industries to have 80% credit card income deduction, COVID19 tax law passed through The Tax Office Committee of the Strategy and Finance … 04-29 52
16487 TEXT 국내 코로나19확진자총10,761명, 9명 추가, 문대통령, 코로나19 극복 고용유지 간담회 Domestic infected total 10,761, increase by 9, President Moon at employment conference amid COVID19 Domestic COVID19 infections increased by … 04-29 56
16486 TEXT '코로나 절정' 3월 소비는…광주·전남10∼20%감소 COVID19 peak, Mar. consumption reduced by 10~20% in Gwangju Jeonnam The economic consumption of the Gwangju Jeonnam region for last month was reduced by 10~20 % compared to last y… 04-29 52
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