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18796 TEXT "외국인 노동자 코로나 검사 의무화 차별" 인권위 조사 "Mandated foreign laborers' COVID 19 tests are discrimination" The National Human Rights Commission of Korea expressed concerns regarding foreign laborers' mandated COVID… 03-19 65
18795 TEXT 광주 남구 외국인 민원 통역 서비스 제공 Gwangju's Namgu(남구) offering foreigners' complaints interpretation services Gwangju's Namgu(남구) district revealedon Mar. 18th that there will be 5 policies for foreigners'… 03-19 66
18794 TEXT 코로나로 인해 국제 혼인 35.7% 감소 COVID19 leads to decrease of international marriages by 35.7% The number of marriages between domestic and foreign people decreased dramatically last year. This is as there were restraints due to the CO… 03-19 61
18793 TEXT 태국 민주인사"신변위협" 도움 요청에 5·18재단 '긴급 대응' Thailand democratic figure's help request responded to rapidly by May 18th Foundation A human rights lawyer who was put behind bars for conducting democratic mo… 03-19 82
18792 TEXT 영국, 서울 경기 외국인 노동자 코로나 검사 의무화에 항의 U.K. statement about mandated foreign laborers' COVID19 tests in Seoul(서울), GyeongGi(경기) areas The U.K. government filed complaints to the Korean government regar… 03-19 50
18791 TEXT 광주 지역 감염 확진자 열흘간 하루 1명꼴…안정세 유지 Gwangju maintains low infection trend for 10 days Gwangju City has continued its low infection transmission trend for the last 10 days. According to Gwangju City on Mar. 18th, … 03-18 81
18790 TEXT "전두환 항소심도 광주서 재판" 광주고법, 관할이전 신청 기각 Cheon DooHwan(전두환)'s appeal trial to be held in Gwangju Former President of South Korea Cheon DooHwan(전두환)'s appeal trial is to be held in Gwangju … 03-18 49
18789 TEXT 한전공대 특별법 '국회 상임위 가결' KEPCO Special Law agreed to by the National Assembly's Regular Committee The KEPCO or Korea Electric Power Corporation Tech University Special Law passed through the Regular Committee of the… 03-18 48
18788 TEXT 부품공급업체 노사 갈등에 기아 광주공장 3일째 셧다운 KIA Gwangju Plant shut down for 3rd day The KIA Motors' Gwangju Plant's vehicles production lines have halted for the 3rd day. This is as there is a conflict between l… 03-18 55
18787 TEXT '존폐 기로' 놓인 광주 외국인학교 "선한 투자" 호소 Gwangju Foreign School urging for 'good investment' The Honam(호남) region's only foreign school, the Gwangju Foreign School is experiencing its worst manageme… 03-18 59
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