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18736 TEXT 광주 DJ컨벤션2전시장건립 사업 타당성 조사 착수 Gwangju KDJ Convention 2nd Exhibition Hall construction project feasibilitysurvey started Gwangju City revealed on Mar. 10th that the Kim DaeJoong(김대중) Convention Center's 2nd Ex… 03-10 50
18735 TEXT "꽃으로 코로나 우울감 달래요"…광주시, 화훼 소비 촉진 행사 Gwangju City holding flower salespromotion event Gwangju City held a flower farms supporting event on Mar. 10th at City Hall. This is to support flower farms that … 03-10 75
18734 TEXT 전남도, 외국인 근로자 1만4천명 진단검사 행정명령 Jeonnam province issues administrativeorder for 14,000 foreign laborers to be tested Jeonnam province issued an administrativeorder for all residing foreign laborers and their employer… 03-10 101
18733 TEXT 나주시, 전국 유일 내륙 항구도시 영산포 지역개발사업 박차 Naju(나주) City to work for YeongSanpo(영산포)'s regional development project Jeonnam's Naju(나주) City is working to promote the Yeongsanpo(영산포) distr… 03-10 54
18732 TEXT 광주 보험사 콜센터발 연쇄감염 지속…누적 112명 Gwangju with continuing call-center related infection cases to total 112 Gwangju City is continuing to have COVID19 transmission related to an insurance company's call center. Acco… 03-10 42
18731 TEXT 전남농업기술원, 농축산 분야 신기술 보급에 393억 투입 Jeonnam Agricultural Research and Extension Service to spend 39.3 billion won for new technologies The Jeonnam Agricultural Research and Extension Service revealed on Mar. 10th that … 03-10 47
18730 TEXT 자가격리 무시한 60대 남성 확진에 가족 등 5명에 전파…경찰 고발 A male in his 60s who violated self-quarantine spread COVID19 to 5 others There was a male in his 60s who will be punished for violating the Infectious Disease Preven… 03-10 52
18729 TEXT 군 코로나19 확진 3명 늘어…작년 집단감염 겪은 상무대 포함(종합) 3 more army related COVID19 patients The Ministry of National Defense revealed on Mar. 9th that there were 3 additional patients confirmed from the army. Among … 03-10 39
18728 TEXT 광주 대형 치과병원·공공기관서 확진자 발생…긴급 역학조사 Gwangju large dental clinic and public institution with Covid19 patients Gwangju City had a large dental clinic and a small and medium business supporting institution with… 03-09 46
18727 TEXT 광주 AZ·화이자 백신 접종률 61.8%…이상반응 109명 Gwangju AZ and Pfizer vaccine inoculations at 61.8% so far with 109 abnormal responses Gwangju City has a 61.8% COVID19 vaccine inoculation rate recorded with 109 abnormal responses repor… 03-09 47
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