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15580 TEXT 광주 시내버스,겨울방학 기간12%감축 운행 Gwangju intra-city buses will be reduced by 12% during the winter vacation Gwangju’s intra-city buses will be running on a 12% reduction during the winter vacation. According to the city yester… 01-02 68
15579 TEXT 전남대 여수캠퍼스 활성화 목소리 어디갔나'정원47%감축 논란 Yeosu campus of Jeonnam University, reports 47% reduction in student capacity A significant reduction in students at Jeonnam University’s Yeosu Campus has been highl… 01-02 55
15578 TEXT [2020총선:전남] 3석불과민주'권토중래',야당은'각개전투'로 The Democratic Party of Korea counting on 2020 General Election in Jeonnam. The Democratic Party of Korea is counting on positive results from the 2020 Gene… 01-02 49
15577 TEXT 광주·전남 해넘이·해맞이 풍성... Various New Year’s Events to be Held Around City As the new year approaches, various events and festivals around the City and Province will be held to celebrate the year 2020, the Gyeong Ja (경자) year, … 12-31 60
15576 TEXT 광주 수출업체,내년 상반기 기대감 엇갈려 Gwangju export companies estimate next year’s economy. The Gwangju Chamber of Commerce and Industry undertook a survey with 110 export related enterprises regarding the 1sthalf of 2020 and reveal… 12-31 57
15575 TEXT 5·18진상조사위3일5·18묘지 참배…본격 가동 May 18thFact Finding Committee to go into full operation The May 18thFact Finding Committee will go into full operation starting from January 3rdafter visiting the May 18thDemocratic National Cem… 12-31 146
15574 TEXT 이용섭 광주시장"인공지능 중심도시 광주로 발돋움" Gwangju Mayor addresses New Year As the City of Gwangju meets the ‘Gyeong Ja (경자) Year’ on Wednesday, the City Mayor Lee Yong Sup (이용섭) made a 2020 greeting speech for cit… 12-31 65
15573 TEXT '광주5·18민주광장서31일'송신년 시민축제 Gwangju to welcome in 2020 with ringing of Democracy Bell Tonight, as usual, thousands of people are expected to gather at 5.18 Democracy Square, a historic pavilion in Donggu, to celebrate… 12-31 60
15572 TEXT 공수처 후폭풍에 꽁꽁 언 정국…"개혁입법 완수" vs "전력투쟁" Parliament passes corruption probe unit bill The National Assembly passed a bill on establishing a separate unit to probe corruption by high-ranking public officials on Mo… 12-31 63
15571 TEXT 검찰,조국 前장관 불구속기소…뇌물수수 등 혐의 Cho Kuk indicted on family-related charges. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors indicted the former Justice Minister Cho Kuk (조국) on Tuesday on multiple charges regarding suspicions … 12-31 54
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