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15532 TEXT '시즌2번째 퇴장'손흥민3경기 출전정지…토트넘은 항소 Son Heung Min receives 3 game suspension Tottenham Hotspurs striker Son Heung Min received a 3 game suspension as punishment for his act in the match with Chelsea on M… 12-24 66
15531 TEXT 2020년1월KAI 99.8로 보합세 출발 KOBACO KAI to run steady in January The Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) has predicted that the overall Korea Advertising Index (KAI) will have a steady run next month at 99.8. The KAI is conduc… 12-24 69
15530 TEXT 33명 사상자 낸 광주 모텔 방화범,구속…법원,도주 우려 Gwangju motel arsonist placed under arrest The arsonist who set fire to a motel was placed under arrest on Tuesday according to the Gwangju District Court. The suspect, identif… 12-24 68
15529 TEXT 크리스마스엔 희망을.....광주전남 성탄절 문화행사'다채' Various Christmas Events to be Held Around City Christmas is one of the most popular holidays in the world and many people are planning on enjoying the public holida… 12-24 73
15528 TEXT '역대 최대'올해 외국인 관광객1750만명…1.8초에1명씩 The number of foreign visitors to Korea this year is at its highest. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) reported on Monday that the number of foreign touris… 12-24 66
15527 TEXT 포스코 광양제철소서 폭발사고…5명 부상 POSCO plant explodes, five people injured At 1:14 pm on Tuesday, a POSCO plant exploded and five people were reportedly injured. The explosions occurred twice within a 5 minute gap at the Ferrom… 12-24 67
15526 TEXT 한중일 정상회의 공동언론발표…"한반도 정세 심도있게 대화" S. Korea, China, and Japan holds joint press The leaders of South Korea, China, and Japan confirmed the joint cooperation for the peaceful denuclearization and multilater… 12-24 68
15525 TEXT 정부, '황룡강 장록습지'보호지역 지정 재추진 Government pushes forassigning of HwangRyong(황룡) River, JangLok(장록) Wetland Reservation The government is pushing once again for assigning JangLok(장록) Wetland at HwangRyo… 12-24 126
15524 TEXT 법의학전문가"구멍난신원미상두개골,탄흔가능성작아" Forensic Medicine Scientists indicates “Unknown skull with holes has little possibility of being from bullets” Forensic medicine scientists noted that there is a high possibilit… 12-24 84
15523 TEXT 광주시, ‘올해의 베스트7’선정,도시철도2호선 착공1위 Gwangju City Picks “This Year’s Best 7”, Metro Line No.2 comes 1st Gwangju’s Metro line No.2 construction was picked as the best measure taken this year within Gwangju. … 12-24 78
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