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15485 TEXT '광주형 일자리'자동차 공장 신축 업체 현대엔지니어링 Hyundai Engineering proceeds with the construction for the Gwangju Type Job’s vehicle factory Hyundai Engineering Construction Company was selected as the preferentia… 12-18 60
15484 TEXT 광주시,에너지,자동차 등14개 기업과810억원 투자협약…일자리 기대감 Gwangju signs investment contracts with 14 companies The City of Gwangju signed nationwide investment agreements recently and with it, the City took another ste… 12-18 61
15483 TEXT 광주시, 14개 기업과810억원 투자협약…일자리400여개 창출 Gwangju concludes investment contracts with 14 companies The City of Gwangju signed 81 billion won worth of investment contracts with 14 enterprises nationwide yesterday. … 12-18 100
15482 TEXT 2047년 인구, 광주시 126만·전남 161만명…23만·16만명 Gwangju’s population will drop dramatically in 2047 The Honam Statistics Office predicted the number of residents in the City of Gwangju and Jeollanamdo will decrease by 2047. Acc… 12-18 69
15481 TEXT 광주·전남 총선 예비후보42명 등록…민주30명 최다 42 General Election candidates register for Gwangju and Jeonnam On the first day of the candidate registration period for the 2020 General Elecition, 42 applicants, 19 from Gwangju and… 12-18 70
15480 TEXT 국립남도국악원, 국악과 일출을 동시에 Jindo National Gugak Center to hold new year’s event Jindo County will hold a new year’s event ‘2020 Special Culture Experience for New Year’ at the National Gugak Center for 3 days starting from… 12-17 93
15479 TEXT 전남도, 2023년까지 전기자동차 3만대 보급 Jeonnam to supply 30,000 electric vehicles by 2023 Jeollanamdo Province announced it would supply electric vehicles (EV) and related facilities as countermeasures to fine dust air pollution. In num… 12-17 72
15478 TEXT 광주시-한국노총 흔들리는 신뢰…광주형 일자리 악영향 우려 Conflicts between Gwangju City and Federation of Korea Trade Unions continues. Two major figures of the Gwangju Type Job project’s successor, the City of Gwangju and the Fe… 12-17 82
15477 TEXT 우여곡절 광주 민간공원 특례사업 중외공원 아파트 부지 변경 Gwangju Jungoe Private Park project finds a compromise The City of Gwangju held a meeting with the City Planning Commission and revised and passed the Jungoe Park apartment … 12-17 72
15476 TEXT 21대 총선 스타트…광주·전남 17일부터 예비후보 등록 Candidate registration begins for the 2020 General Election South Korea's election authorities began taking official registrations today from those seeking to become members of th… 12-17 72
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