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16038 TEXT '코로나19확진 광주가족3명'감염경로 오리무중… 예배 함께한 신도들 임시진료소서 검사 3 COVID19 confirmed family members’ infectious routes unknown, service co-attendees undergoing diagnosis tests at temporary cli… 03-03 93
16037 TEXT 광주시, 대구 환자 조만간 이송…최대 60명 치료 Gwangju to accept and treat COVID-19 patients from Daegu There is a maximum of 60 patients of COVID 19 to be transferred and treated in Gwangju from Daegu region. Our HyungJin Ro reports … 03-02 123
16036 TEXT 신천지, 신도·교육생 4천여명 명단 광주시에 추가 제출 Shincheonji submits list adding some 4,000 members and students in Gwangju city Shincheonji submitted an additionallistof 4,000 members and students to Gwangju city. According… 03-02 98
16035 TEXT 광주 전역 3천697개 다중 이용시설 등 3일 동시 방역 Gwangju region's 3,697 public facilities to besimultaneouslydisinfected on Mar. 3rd There will be disinfection measures operated across Gwangju region to prevent further regional … 03-02 87
16034 TEXT 주일 예배 참석자 코로나19 확진…광주시, 예배 중단 거듭 촉구(종합) Sunday service attendee confirmed of COVID19, Gwangju city urging churches to stop services Ignoring recommendations to prevent multiple gathering events… 03-02 118
16033 TEXT 코로나19 확진 모자 가족도 추가 감염…광주 확진자 12명 Family member of mother-son patients infected to total 12 in Gwangju A family member who resides together with the mother-son patients formerly confirmed with infections has als… 03-02 98
16032 TEXT 전국 초중고 개학 2주 추가 연기, 23일로 총 3주 미뤄져 Nationwide Elementary, Middle and High Schools postponed for 2 more weeks to open on Mar. 23rd; 3 weeks of delays in total In an attempt to prevent nationwide spread of COVID19 inf… 03-02 95
16031 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 599명 추가, 4,335 , 사망자 26 Domestic COVID19 infected 599 added, total 4,335, 26 deceased As of Mar. 2nd, there are 599 added confirmed cases of COVID 19 within Korea to total 4,335. This includes 4 more infected pa… 03-02 80
16030 TEXT 우체국 마스크 판매시간‘오전11시’로 앞당겨..가격1매당1천원 Post Office mask sales hours changed to 11am, 1,000 won for 1 mask The Korea Post changed the hours of masks sales from 2pm to 11am from Mar. 2nd. Also, the sales quanti… 03-02 215
16029 TEXT 광양서30대 여성 코로나19확진…전남서4번쨰,국내 확진자4,212 A female inher 30s was confirmed with COVID19 in GwangYang(광양), the 4thin Jeonnam among 4,212 total domestic infected A female in her 30s was confirmed with a COVID19 i… 03-02 93
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