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14796 TEXT 태풍'링링'전남지역 피해액101억원 잠정 집계 Jeollanamdo took on over 10 billion won worth damage from typhoon Lingling 19 cities and counties in Jeollanamdo took on some 10.1-billion-won worth of damages from the year’s 13th t… 09-18 11
14795 TEXT '광주형 일자리'대표 선임 놓고 광주시의회 내홍 재연 Members of Gwangju Metropolitan Council clash over CEO of Gwangju Global Motors Members of Gwangju Metropolitan Council on Tuesday clashed over the appointment of the CEO f… 09-18 7
14794 TEXT 18pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, Temperatures will gradually go down in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo throughout this week. Great temperature gaps are expected with morning lows dropping to mid 10s and daytime highs reaching up to mid to hi… 09-17 7
14793 TEXT '판소리 스타 발굴의 산실'임방울국악제20∼23일 열린다 Im Bang Ul Gugak Contest to open 4-day run on Friday The ImBang Ul Gugak Contest will open its 4-day run on Friday at the Asia Cultural Center situated in downtown Gwangju… 09-17 10
14792 TEXT 한전공대 설립·운영비1조6천억원…정부·지자체 절반 부담 KEPCO reveals basic plan on its school establishment The Korea Electric Power Corporation on Tuesday revealed the basic plan for establishment of its engineering school. Ac… 09-17 12
14791 TEXT 광주 노상서 쓰러진30대 러시아인,열흘 만에 숨져 Russian National dies after fainting at sport facility in Gwangju A Russian national who was found unconscious in front of a sports facility in Gwangju last week passed away. Jongmin Ki… 09-17 7
14790 TEXT 이주민에대한편견·차별해소위한토론회개최Discussion to Eliminate Discrimination against Immigrants Held Gwangju Metropolitan Council hosted a policy discussion seeking to deepen understanding on immigrants. Yeongju Ahn has details.A policy… 09-17 8
14789 TEXT 전남도,타지역 돼지 도내 반입 금지 긴급조치 발령 Jeollanamdo launches prevention measures for African swine fever To prevent a possible outbreak of African swine fever, Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall launched emergency disinfection measure… 09-17 10
14788 TEXT 국내 첫 아프리카돼지열병 발병 S. Korea confirms first African swine fever case The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs on Tuesday confirmed the first case of African swine fever infection in Paju, Gyeonggido. The Ministry raise… 09-17 9
14787 TEXT 15pm weather updates Taking a look at the weather, It is a sunny day here in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo. The air quality will remain in good to normal ranges while the UV index will rise to bad ranges in the afternoon. Don’t forget your sunscreen, s… 09-17 5
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