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15056 TEXT 기아타이거즈, 전 MLB 워싱턴 감독 맷 윌리엄스 선임 Gwangju based baseball club Kia Tigers have hired former major league manager Matt Williams as their new general manager. The club’s front office officially announced on Tuesday tha… 10-15 11
15055 TEXT 남도한바퀴 버스관광,농업박람회 경유 특별코스 운행 “Namdo Hanbaqui”, which is a Bus travel Tour operated by Jeonnam is operating a special route, traveling exhibition halls for the Jeonnam International Agriculture Exhibition from… 10-15 6
15054 TEXT 광주 도시철도2호선21일 첫삽…대남대로부터 시작 Gwangju announced that construction work will begin on October 21st for themetro line to connect City Hall – Worldcup Stadium –Baekwoon Square – Gwangju Station – Chonnam National … 10-15 24
15053 TEXT 이용섭 시장“광주시-실리콘밸리, AI협력체계 구축” Mayor Lee Yong-Sup made an announcement yesterday that Gwangju City had huge successes with the visit to Silicon Valley in its project on AI business. He explained the results of the… 10-15 8
15052 TEXT 검찰 특수부,서울·대구·광주만 유지…내일 의결 후 시행 The Government is set to pass a reform plan aimed at balancing out the prosecution's investigative power.Prime Minister Lee Nak-Yon will preside over a morning Cabinet meeti… 10-15 25
15051 TEXT Checking on today's weather in our region, it was a mostly sunny day in Gwangju and south Jeolla, but chillier air moved in so readings will remain on the cool side in the evening, It will be even chillier tomorrow morning so dress accordingly. T… 10-15 14
15050 TEXT 한국 vs 북한 축구 생중계 무산 World Cup qualifier in Pyongyang not to be screened live The match between the two Koreas for the Soccer World Cup qualifier set to kick off in Pyongyang, will not be screened live to a South Korean audiences. … 10-15 8
15049 TEXT '광주다운 도시만들기' 도시계획 조례 개정.. Gwangju pushes for urban development project The Gwangju Metropolitan Government said it will partially revise the "Act on Planning and Use of National Territory" and the "City Plan… 10-15 12
15048 TEXT 광주·전남 교권침해 1위는 '모욕·명예훼손' Teachers in Gwangju and South Jeolla suffer various violations While violations of educator’s rights have continued at schools in Gwangju and South Jeolla Province, the largest numb… 10-15 8
15047 TEXT 한국노총 광주본부 광주형 일자리 참여 중단 Gwangju Labor Union decides not to take part in the Gwangju Type Job Project The Gwangju Style Job Model project has met with crisis as local labor circles decided not to take a part in the v… 10-15 9
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