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15013 TEXT 광주 5·18민주광장서11∼12일 평생학습박람회 Lifelong Learning Expo to be held this week in downtown Gwangju Gwangju City Hall will organize the 6th Gwangju Lifelong Learning Expo at around the May 18 Democracy Square in downtown of the C… 10-10 46
15012 TEXT 10am weather updates Taking a look at the weather, It will be a sunny day in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo today. The air quality will be in good to normal ranges throughout the day while the UV index will be in and out of bad ranges. Temperature read… 10-10 52
15011 TEXT ACC광주프린지인터내셔널19∼20일 문화전당서 개최 Gwangju Fringe International to welcome spectators next week The ACC Gwangju Fringe International will be held from the 19th to the 20th of this month at around the May 18 Democracy Squa… 10-10 47
15010 TEXT 옛 전남도청 복원 프로젝트 시동…2021년 첫 삽 목표 Old Jeollanamdo Provincial Hall restoration to begin in 2021 The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on Tuesday announced that the ISP Architecture Company was selected as a contra… 10-10 49
15009 TEXT 광주시 일선 학교...한글날 행사‘풍성’ The Ministry of Education will hold a wide range of events Wednesday to celebrate the 573rd Hangeul Day in various schools in Gwangju and Jeonnam. Hangeul is the writing system for the Korean lang… 10-09 51
15008 TEXT '최지만4출루'탬파베이, ALDS 4차전 잡고 승부 원점 The Tampa Bay Rays' South Korean infielder Choi Ji-man has had another productive day at the plate in the postseason, reaching the base four times to help his club stay ali… 10-09 59
15007 TEXT 광주광역시,하반기 뉴딜사업3곳 추가 선정 The City of Gwangju said 3 more spots in the City have been selected for the 2ndhalf of the 2019 the Urban Regeneration New Deal Project conducted by the national government. The 3 selected pro… 10-09 47
15006 TEXT ‘ 대입 인구 절벽’타개,광주·전남,외국인 유학생 급증 As the population of Korean university students decreases, the Ministry of Education has encouraged attracting foreign students to the country. Accordingly, it led to a big incr… 10-09 57
15005 TEXT 김정은 한달만에 등장•••미북 실무협상 결렬 후 첫 행보 North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited a military farm, state media reported Wednesday, in his first public appearance since the breakdown of working-level nuclear negotiat… 10-09 51
15004 TEXT 한파주의보 내려진 한글날 아침…내륙 대부분 10도 안팎 South Korea issued a cold wave alert for its eastern regions on Tuesday, an unseasonably early advisory, with winter still some two months away. Gangwon and Gyeongsang provinces… 10-09 46
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