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16515 TEXT 6월부터 광주 백운고가 철거...교통혼잡 예상 Gwangju Baekwoon(백운) Overpass demolished from Jun, traffic congestion expected For the Gwangju Metro Line No.2 construction, the Baekwoon(백운) Overpass will be demolished in June. There … 05-04 65
16514 TEXT 광주시, 종합·개인지방 소득세 합동신고센터 운영 Gwangju operating joint report center for composite and local income tax Gwangju city revealed on Apr. 30th that from May 1st for 1 month it will be operating a Joint Report Center for com… 05-04 49
16513 TEXT 4월 광주전남 소비자물가 소폭 상승 Apr. Gwangju Jeonnam Consumer Prices increased slightly The Gwangju Jeonnam region's consumer prices for Apr. have increased slightly compared to the same month last year. This is according to the… 05-04 73
16512 TEXT 광주시·전남도, 긴급재난지원금 4일부터 지급한다(종합) Gwangju, Jeonnam to distribute Emergency Disaster Support Fund from May 4th Gwangju city and Jeonnam province revealed on May 3rd that the government's Emergency Disaster … 05-04 100
16511 TEXT 6일부터‘생활속거리두기’로규제완화 Looseningofsocial distancing amid virus slowdown South Korea decided on May 3rdto relax its strict social distancing guidelines this week as the number of new virus infections has stayed low for weeks.… 05-04 90
16510 TEXT 전남서 코로나19 16번째 확진자 발생…쿠웨이트 입국자 Jeonnam with 16thCOVID19 case from Kuwait Jeonnam province revealed on May 3rdthat there was a 16thpatient infected with COVID19 in the province. The 16thpatient is an overseas… 05-04 61
16509 TEXT '일제강제동원생존피해자'광주·전남380명…지난해보다105명↓ ‘Japanese Forced Mobilization Living Victims’ number 380 in Gwangju Jeonnam, 105 decrease from last year It has been verified that there are 380 living victi… 05-01 66
16508 TEXT 광주 전남 온라인 일자리 박람회4~17일 열려 Gwangju Jeonnam Online Jobs Fair open from 4thto 17th The Gwangju Jeonnam Office of SMEs and Startups revealed on May 1stthat there will be the ‘Gwangju Jeonnam Joint Online Jobs Fair’ open fr… 05-01 65
16507 TEXT 4월 광주·전남 아파트 매매가격 소폭 하락 Apr. Gwangju Jeonnam apartment prices reduced slightly The Gwangju Jeonnam region’s apartment prices reduced slightly in April. According to the Domestic Housing Price Trends of Apr. released … 05-01 65
16506 TEXT 지성호"지난주말 김정은 사망99%확신 Ji SeongHo(지성호), “99% sure that Kim JungEun(김정은) died last weekend” Ji SeongHo(지성호), who earned a proportional representation seat of a minor party in the Apr. 15thelection claimed th… 05-01 59
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