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16475 TEXT 5·18기념일 지방 공휴일 지정…시행규칙 마련 May 18thCeremonial Day designated as a local public holiday, executive rules prepared This year’s May 18thDemocratization Movement Day is designated as local public holiday. Therefore, ther… 04-28 58
16474 TEXT GIST연구팀,약효가 오래가는 당뇨병 치료제 개발 GIST research team developed extensive duration of medicine for diabetes GIST or the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology revealed on Apr. 28ththat a medicine for diabetes with exte… 04-28 62
16473 TEXT Former dictator to appear in court over libel case surrounding memoir 전두환, 1년 여만에 다시 광주 법원 출석 Chun Doo Hwan traveled all to way to Gwangju to attend a hearing of his ongoing defamation trial. Chun and his wife arrived Gwangju … 04-28 56
16472 TEXT 광주형일자리 갈등,‘상생일자리재단’ 으로 봉합? Gwangju Type Job conflict to become “Win-Win Jobs Foundation”? The Gwangju Type Job project, which is under crisis with the labor side’s withdrawal from the agreement, was discuss… 04-28 57
16471 TEXT 광주 법정 선 전두환,또다시 혐의 부인 Cheon DooHwan(전두환) denies charges again at Gwangju trial Cheon DooHwan(전두환), the former President stood at Gwangju court as the defendant on Apr. 27th. This is in the face of the 40thanniv… 04-28 59
16470 TEXT 광주비엔날레5·18 40주기 특별전…국내외1년 프로젝트 Gwangju Biennale Foundation to hold global exhibition project on May 18 The Gwangju Biennale Foundation is hosting a global project titled “May to Day” to commemorate the 40th an… 04-28 57
16469 TEXT "상생 일자리 재단 설립"…'광주형 일자리'사업 정상화 급물살 Gwangju type job project will likely regain momentum Discussions between Gwangju City and the labor community to normalize the Gwangju type job project, whic… 04-28 52
16468 TEXT "고3·중3부터 순차 등교…5월초 발표" The government to consider opening schools The government is looking to resume face-to-face classes in schools across the country, starting first with third year middle school students and high school s… 04-28 52
16467 TEXT 정은경 사회적 거리두기,청•장년층의 적극적인 참여가 필요 The government urges young people to keep social distancing The government is urging people in their 20s and 30s to continue to practice social distancing, as young people … 04-28 57
16466 TEXT 김정은,원산갈마지구 일꾼에게 감사 표시…북한,동정보도 계속 N.K. leader sends gratitude to workers at tourist zone amid health rumors North Korean leader Kim Jong-un expressed his gratitude to workers building a tourist zone in t… 04-28 45
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