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18719 TEXT NEW POST 광주 광산구의회, 미얀마 군부 쿠데타규탄 결의안 채택 Gwangju's Gwangsangu(광산구) Council to draw resolution criticizing Myanmar Military Coup Gwangju's Gwangsangu(광산구) districtheld a temporary council on Mar. 8th … 03-08 6
18718 TEXT NEW POST 광주시, 시내버스 노선 전면 개편 "시민과 함께" Gwangju City to reorganize intra-city buses routes Gwangju City decided to reorganize the intra-city buses' routes in preparation for the Metro Line No.2's operation. In the reorg… 03-08 7
18717 TEXT NEW POST 광주교육청, 2022학년도 대입 지원 대책 마련Gwangju Office of Education preparescountermeasures for 2022 university entrance support The Gwangju Office of Education revealed on Mar. 8th that there are customized university entrance support … 03-08 5
18716 TEXT NEW POST '노마스크' 광주 콜센터 코로나19 수퍼 전파 '현실로' 'No mask', Gwangju Call-center COVID19 super-spreader The super-spreading of COVID19 from an insurance company's call center has been confirmed. This … 03-08 8
18715 TEXT NEW POST 광주,백신 접종률50%..전남43% Vaccinations in full swing in Gwangju and Jeonnam There were 50% of Gwangju's priority group that were inoculated with COVID19 vaccines so far. As for the Jeonnam region, they totalled 43%. Our HyungJin Ro repo… 03-08 8
18714 TEXT NEW POST 전남 초중고 학생·교직원, 다문화교육 2시간 이수 의무화 Jeonnam's elementary, middle and high schools' students, faculty staff to receive 2 hours of multicultural-education From this year onward, kindergarten, elementary, … 03-08 7
18713 TEXT NEW POST "자가격리 해제 전 양성" 광주서 콜센터 관련 확진 잇따라 Gwangju with continuing infection cases related to Call-Center Gwangju City is continuing to show infection cases related to an insurance company's call center. This i… 03-08 6
18712 TEXT NEW POST '자가 격리 중 양성 속출' 광주·전남 7명 확진(종합) Gwangju Jeonnam with 7 infected patients The Gwangju Jeonnam regions had 7 infected patients found yesterday. This is as there were some under self-quarantine that were c… 03-08 6
18711 TEXT NEW POST 전남도, 지방도로 등 70곳 정비…부실시공 '제로화' 추진 Jeonnam Province to repair 70 local roads Jeonnam Province revealed on Mar. 7th that there are some 70 roads to be repaired. This is to revitalize the economy with t… 03-08 5
18710 TEXT 광주상생카드 누적사용 1조원 돌파…40대·음식점 '최다' Gwangju Win-Win Card accumulated use amount surpasses 1 trillion won The total use of the local currency 'Gwangju Win Win Card' has surpassed 1 trillion won. … 03-05 21
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