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1811 TEXT 아시아문화전당 민주평화교류원 리모델링 시작 Asian Culture Complex - Democracy, Peace Exchange Center Remodeling to Begin Previously halted for about a year, the remodeling of the national Asian Culture Complex’s Democracy and P… 01-29 2392
1810 TEXT 박대통령 지방 교부세 축소, 수도권-비수도권 갈등 심화된다 President Park Geun-hye’s Plan to Reduce Local Subsidies May Intensify Regional Conflicts President Park Geun-hye recently announced plans to reduce the local subsi… 01-28 2637
1809 TEXT 여수 150개 무인도 친환경 개발 기틀 마련 Yeosu to Prepare Basis for Eco-friendly Development of Islands in the Area The sustainable and eco-friendly development of Yeosu-located islands will gain momentum with the recent submission of … 01-28 2434
1808 TEXT 광주 문화재단, 제 1회 광주영상공모전 ‘오진꼴’ 연다 Gwangju Culture Foundation to Host Gwangju’s Promotion Video Contest Gwangju Culture Foundation will host a Promotional Video Contest that showcases various tourism sites… 01-28 2405
1807 TEXT 전남 창조경제 혁신센터, 5월에 여수에서 오픈 Jeonam Creative Economy Innovation Center to be Opened in Yeosu this May Jeonam Creative Economy Center, jointly under preparation by Jeollanamdo and GS Group, will be officially launch… 01-28 2620
1806 TEXT 고흥 나로도에 과학 로켓 센터 들어선다 Scientific Rocket Center to be Built in Narodo of Goheung A scientific rocket, which will launch various types of rockets, will be constructed in Narodo of Goheung by 2018. When completed, the … 01-28 2435
1805 TEXT 광주창조경제혁신센터 출범, 광주 수소차 메카 된다 Gwangju Creative Economy Innovation Center Launched to Transform Gwangju into a Mecca for Hydrogen Car Production Under an agreement made between Hyundai Motors, the city of Gwangj… 01-28 3038
1804 TEXT 광주-완도 고속도로 건설 본격화한다 Construction of Gwangju – Wando Express Way to Begin A mega construction project for an expressway linking Gwangju and Wando will be carried out throughout this year with the final working design of… 01-28 2371
1803 TEXT 광주전남 주요대학 등록금 동결 또는 인하한다 Tuition Fees for Major Universities in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo to Remain Same or be Reduced Major universities in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo, including Jeonam National University and Joseon… 01-28 2377
1802 TEXT 광주 U대회 ‘스마트 소통’ 운영한다 Gwangju Universiade to Utilize Social Network Service for the Universaide Organizers for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade will utilize a social network service to effectively manage games and s… 01-28 2508
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