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18346 TEXT 광주시·5개 자치구, 대설·한파 긴급대책반 가동 Gwangju City to operate Emergency Countermeasures Units for Heavy Snowfall and Cold Wave Gwangju City and its 5 municipalities are operating an Emergency Countermeasures Unit for the Heav… 01-07 139
18345 TEXT 외국인이 가장 선호하는 한국 음식은 '한국식 치킨' Foreignersanswer that "Korean Chicken" is their favorite dish The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs revealed on Jan. 7th that the favorite Korean dish of fore… 01-07 133
18344 TEXT 광주시, 지역 AI업체와 기술개발·사업화 맞손 Gwangju City joins hands with local AI Corporation for technology development and commercialization Gwangju City has officially initiated the Artificial Intelligence based New Technologies Deve… 01-07 136
18343 TEXT 광주서 28명 확진…일주일째 두 자릿수·청사교회 관련 6명 증가 Gwangju with 28 infection cases added Gwangju City had additional double digit infection cases found again yesterday. This is according to the City on Jan. 7th that … 01-07 132
18342 TEXT 폭설·한파·강풍 '삼중고'…광주·전남 재난 대비 비상(종합) Heavy snow, wind, and cold wave to impact Gwangju Jeonnam in Disaster Preparatory Emergency The Gwangju Jeonnam region is experiencing impact from the heavy snowfa… 01-07 129
18341 TEXT 늘어난 집단 감염에 자가격리 해제 전 검사 확진 사례도 속출(종합) Cluster infection cases amplified with several infection cases confirmed before being lifted from self quarantine As there are continued cluster infection cases hap… 01-07 114
18340 TEXT 광주 광산구 요양병원 종사자, 3∼4일 간격 코로나검사 받는다 Gwangju Gwangsangu(광산구) District Nursing Hospitals' employees to be tested every 3-4 days Gwangju Gwangsangu(광산구) District prepared the 'Infection… 01-07 118
18339 TEXT 에버그린요양원 코로나19 확진자 3명째 사망…광주 누적 8명 Evergreen Nursing Institution with 3rd death from COVID19, Gwangju with 8 in total There were a total 3 deaths at the Evergreen Silver House, the nursing institution where a … 01-06 134
18338 TEXT 광주 광역매립장 반입 생활쓰레기 전년 대비 1만7천t 감소 Gwangju Landfill household trash reduced by 17,000 tons compared to last year Gwangju Metropolitan Sanitary Landfill had a significant decrease in household waste last year. … 01-06 119
18337 TEXT 5·18 기록물 400만 건 통합 데이터베이스 구축 착수 Millions of May 18th Records to be formed into integrated database Greeting the 10th year since the May 18th Democratization Movement Records were registered in the UNESCO World Heritage,… 01-06 128
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