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17753 TEXT 서울서 뮤지컬 '광주'와 함께하는 5·18 기록물 전시 Musical'Gwangju' held in Seoul(서울) along with May 18th Records displayed The May 18th Democratization Movement Record Center revealed on Oct. 14th that there w… 10-15 13
17752 TEXT 광주 국회의원들"문화중심도시 특별법 회기 내 개정" 촉구 Gwangju Members of Parliament urge "Culture Centered City Special Law to be amended during the term" Gwangju's Members of Parliament urged for the Asia Culture Centered Ci… 10-15 12
17751 TEXT 방사선 촬영으로 옛 전남도청 탄흔 분석…접근 통제 Radiation photograph to analyze bullet marks at old Jeonnam Provincial Office There are radiation photographs to be conducted to find bullet marks at the old Jeonnam Provincial Office … 10-15 11
17750 TEXT "소극적인 댐 방류가 수해 키워"…영산강홍수통제소 국감서 질타(종합) "Passive dam discharging raised flooding damage", National Audit of the government criticized Yeongsan(영산) River Flood Control Office The Yeongsan(영… 10-15 8
17749 TEXT 광주 민간공항 전남 이전' 여론 조사…시·도 협약 파기 우려 'Gwangju Private Airport transfer to Jeonnam' poll to be conducted Gwangju Private Airport's transfer and integration with Muan(무안) Airport agreemen… 10-15 10
17748 TEXT 국내 코로나19 확진자 총 24,889, 총 84명 추가, 확진자 다시 100명 이하, 부산에서 집단 감염 COVID 19 daily infections add 84 to total 24,889,New virus cases again up by double digits, new cluster infection reported in Busan Sout… 10-15 8
17747 TEXT 최근 5년간 고객 착오 전기료 이중납부 1269억원 126.9 billion won worth of redundant payments made for electricity in the last 5 years There were some 126.9 billion won worth of electricity fees that were paid redundantly as a misunderst… 10-15 9
17746 TEXT 광주·전남 학교 75% 스프링클러 설치 안 돼 75% Gwangju Jeonnam Schools' haven't installed sprinklers 75% of the Gwangju Jeonnam regions' kindergartens, special and elementary, middle and high schools are not installed with e… 10-15 5
17745 TEXT 자율관리어업 선진공동체에 여수 중앙·태안 대야도 선정 Free Management Fisheries Industry Advanced Community to include Yeosu(여수)JungAng(중앙) and TaeAn(태안) DaeYado(대야도) The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries reveal… 10-15 4
17744 TEXT 광주 노동자 10명 중 4명꼴로 비정규직…여성은 2명 중1명 Gwangju laborers4 out of 10 irregular employees, half of women irregular employees 4 out of 10 of the Gwangju region's laborers were identified to be irregular employees. … 10-15 6
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