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16328 TEXT NEW POST 국내 코로나19확진자총10,384명, 53명 추가, 3일 연속 2자리 수 Domestic COVID 19 infected total 10,384, increase by 53, 3 consecutive days near 50 cases The increase of domestic COVID19 infections recorded 53 for Apr. 7th to total 10,38… 04-08 7
16327 TEXT NEW POST 내일 온라인개학…원격수업 기본수칙 배포 Online school opening tomorrow, principles for distance classes released There are principles for distance classes that were released in preparation of online school opening for seniors of both h… 04-08 6
16326 TEXT NEW POST 광주시선관위, 464개 투표소 코로나19 방역 완료 Gwangju Election Commission completed COVID19 disinfection for 464 polling stations Gwangju Election Commission or the GEC revealed on Apr. 8th that disinfection measures for a total of 464 p… 04-08 5
16325 TEXT NEW POST 광주 인공지능 산업 인프라 조성 시동 Gwangju AI industry infrastructure establishment to begin Gwangju city initiatedestablishment of an integrated complex as the AI hub city creation. Therefore, constructionprocesses with a goal for… 04-08 5
16324 TEXT NEW POST 국립아시아문화전당 '미디어월'에서 5·18 과거와 미래 상영 ACC 'Media Wall' projecting May 18th Past and Future The Asia Culture Center is projecting videos consisting of the past and future of May 18th on its medi… 04-08 6
16323 TEXT NEW POST 광주서 벽보 훼손·공보물 폐기 등 선거 관련 신고 잇따라 Gwangju wall and bulletin posters damaged in relation to the election With the Apr. 15th General Election approaching within a week, there are election related reports within Gw… 04-08 7
16322 TEXT NEW POST 광주, 2차 비상경제대책회의 개최.. 공공일자리에 1만 2000명 이상 채용 키로 Gwangju to provide 12,000 jobs for people suffering from COVID-19 Gwangju city held the second emergency economic countermeasures meeting to recruit more … 04-08 8
16321 TEXT NEW POST 광주시, 8일부터 저소득층'소비쿠폰'지급 Gwangju to provide ‘Consumption Coupons’ for low income bracket Gwangju city will be providing ‘Consumption Coupons’ for the low income bracket starting on Apr. 8th. The city reve… 04-08 12
16320 TEXT NEW POST [총선D-7]민주,광주서 시민당과 선대위 D-7 to the Gen. Election, Dem. Party joint Election Committee with the Citizens Party With just 1 week remaining till the Apr. 15thGeneral Election, the Democratic Party formed a joint Election Counterme… 04-08 7
16319 TEXT NEW POST 광주시, 1천억투입2024년까지감염병전담공공의료원건립 Gwangju city to create infectious disease designated Public Medical Center by 2024 Gwangju city will create an infectious disease designated Public Medical Center. Gwangju city … 04-08 8
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