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1210 TEXT 섬진강 따라 ‘동화마을’ 들어선다 ‘Fairy Tale Village’ to be Constructed Along the Seomjin River Gokseong-gun district launched a task force team to build a ‘fairy tale village’ along the Seomjin River to establish a town fill… 11-11 4342
1209 TEXT 전남도의회 농업, 농촌 활성화 지원 특별법 촉구 Jeollanamdo Provincial Council Requests Special Law on Aiding Revitalization of Agriculture Jeollanamdo Provincial Council and its Farming and Fisheries Committee has urged the nationa… 11-11 3731
1208 TEXT 광주노동청 ‘육아관련 불편신고’ 접수 Gwangju Regional Labor Ministry to Accept ‘Complaints on Raising Children’ among Employees Gwangju Regional Labor Ministry will reportedly operate a report program until December 9th for loc… 11-11 3438
1207 TEXT 여수, 전지훈련지로 인기 끈다 Yeosu as Popular Off season Training Site The city of Yeosu, known for its superb scenic views and mild temperatures throughout the year that attracted some 10 million visitors last year, is gaining popularit… 11-11 3404
1206 TEXT 신안 증도 내년부터 입장료 폐지 Jeungdo Island to Abolish Entrance Fee Entrance fees charged for visitors to Jeungdo Island, located in Shinan-gun district, will be abolished from January next year. According to Shinan-gun district, th… 11-11 4344
1205 TEXT 전남도, 도로표지판에 중국어도 공동표기한다 Jeollanamdo to Include Chinese on Road Signboards Jeollanamdo will reportedly mark Chinese titles for different roads and destinations on its traffics signboards located in the province th… 11-11 3811
1204 TEXT 세월호 선원 15명 오늘 선고공판 Final Verdict on 15 Crewmembers of Sewol Ferry Today The final verdict trial will begin today from 1 p.m. at the Gwangju Regional District Court for the 15 crewmembers of the Sewol Ferry that are held respo… 11-11 3724
1203 TEXT 한중 FTA 타결, 전남 농수축산업 타격 우려 Korea - China FTA Concluded, Damages on Farming Industry Expected South Korea and China concluded a Free Trade Agreement deal yesterday that had been under negotiation for more than 30 months, … 11-11 3705
1202 TEXT 광주경찰, 수능 교통관리 Gwangju Police to Control Traffic for Suneung of CSAT Test The Gwangju Regional Police Agency will reportedly provide special transportation control on November 14th from 8:40 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the college scholast… 11-10 3944
1201 TEXT 윤장현 시장, 국비활동 전개 Gwangju Mayor Yoon Jang-hyeon Requests the National Government Aid Mayor of Gwangju, Yoon Jang-hyeon, recently met with the lawmakers in the national assembly financial committee and budget council and request… 11-10 3697
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